Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gets Significant Quality-Of-Life Improvements In Latest Patch

The update continues to address the numerous bugs among other adjustments.

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  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has received a new patch that aims to refine the game’s systems while addressing prominent bugs for improved stability.
  • A new feature impacting the Morale Rank has been added to provide an added degree of challenge to players.
  • Zuo Ci and the Blacksmith will now be displayed by their respective icons on the minimap. This will make it easier for new players to find the NPCs.

The latest update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has added some hefty quality-of-life features to the game. The patch aims to rectify several issues in the game while making adjustments to gameplay for a more streamlined experience. It’s interesting that such basic features were not present in the game at launch nor added in the earlier updates. These features are further elaborated upon in the official patch notes.

A new feature called “Inner Discipline” has been added to the game. This will allow players to set their own maximum Morale Rank. The main draw of this addition is to provide a layer of challenge. Inner Discipline will prevent the Morale Rank from rising above the set limit when obtaining points by defeating enemies or performing Fatal Strikes. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Adjustments and Features
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Adjustments and Features

In order to use this feature, players will have to access a Battle Flag and enter the Battle Preparation menu. It’s also worth noting that Inner Discipline will be disabled while participating in Recruit and Invade sessions. In addition, the Elixir and Burial Flag buffs that increase Morale will not be impacted by this feature. As morale values determine the amount of damage dealt and received, this will definitely add a bit of a challenge.

Furthermore, another change has been made to the Reinforcements menu. A handshake icon will now be displayed next to the NPCs who have accompanied the player at least once. The patch notes state.”We have received inquiries from players who have been unable to obtain the achievement/trophy “Great Gatherings.” If you have confirmed the status of your companions after applying the update and are still unable to obtain the trophy, then please contact customer support.”

Perhaps the most interesting addition is the icons for Zuo Ci and the Blacksmith on the minimap. Many players initially had a difficult time locating the NPCs in The Hidden Village. It’s reassuring to see the developers continually adding meaningful changes to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Gameplay & Bug Fixes In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Next in line are some adjustments pertaining to gameplay elements. The Elixir, a consumable item, has been modified. The mechanics of the effects have been changed so that the Morale Rank increase is now treated as a buff that expires after a set amount of time. The increase in value has also been changed from 1 to 3. In addition, the duration has been extended to a full minute.

Moreover, the affinity hitbox of the flame area generated by the demonized Xiahou Dun‘s tail has been increased. This should make it easier to neutralize the flames by taking advantage of certain game mechanics. Activation timing for certain special effects has also been adjusted so that it occurs during the Fatal Strike animation rather than at the beginning.

Aside from these adjustments, Wo Long’s latest patch also addresses a wide variety of bugs. You will now be able to use the mouse outside of the game screen when using the Keyboard Only scheme in Control Settings. Bugs responsible for flickering in certain menus at 120 FPS, preventing the Wizardy Spells menu from being displayed in full screen on ultrawide resolutions, and crashes tied to certain environments were resolved.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty bug fixes In latest update
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty bug fixes In the latest update

Other notable bugs, such as certain terracotta soldiers in “Behold the Glaive of Righteousness” dropping higher-tier rewards, Sun Jianto going outside of bounds in “Darkness over the Hanshui River,” and the player’s morale rank decreasing upon acquiring points have been rectified. Several other issues were also addressed as part of the latest update.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been a fairly enjoyable experience despite its shortcomings. You can check it out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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