Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Adjusts A Major Boss In Latest Update

The General of Man has been relatively nerfed.

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  • The next batch of fixes is out for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as of today. This update aims to address a tremendous amount of bugs while implementing quality-of-life features.
  • Zhang Liang, the first boss in the game, has been an obstacle for many new players. Team Ninja has adjusted his difficulty as of patch 1.05.
  • Balance adjustments have been implemented to crucial elements of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with its recent update.

The next round of fixes for Team Ninja’s latest outing is finally here, and it seeks to improve performance while adding several quality-of-life features. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been in a rough spot since launch for a multitude of reasons despite being a great experience, one of which included an over-tuned first boss—Zhang Liang. Patch 1.05 has finally acknowledged the cries for help while rolling out some vital adjustments.

New Features In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty v1.05

The latest update for Wo Long has added the “Make Offering to Burial Flag” option to key configurations. Camera-specific settings for switching lock-on targets have also been added to the game. This extends to being able to automatically switch locked-on targets in response to successfully deflecting an attack or a Critical Blow. In addition, options to set the rotation and tracking speed for the lock-on camera were added to the game.

Other changes in this update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty include modifications for the Reinforcements menu. You will now see warriors who have sworn an oath with the player but are not available as companions. Furthermore, you can now part ways with the companion from the menu itself. Players will also be able to do this by selecting a current ally from the menu instead of using the Willow Branch.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Features
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Features

Moving on, the Travel menu has received some essential features that it was previously lacking. You will now be able to track your progress in collecting the Shitieshou demons, Golden Cicada Shells, Tablets, Dragon Vein Essence, and Dragon Vein Crystals via icons. In addition, check mark icons will be displayed on missions that you’ve previously completed.

Balance Adjustments In Version 1.05

Aside from the new features, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s latest update implements some balance adjustments as well. The drop rates for higher rarities of items after defeating bosses in main and sub battlefields/duels have been increased. This change has also been implemented for defeating other players in invasions. In addition, downing enemies with a higher morale rank than the player will more likely result in higher rarity drops.

Furthermore, the lock-on target selection criteria have been adjusted as it will now favor enemies closer to the player. This should help in continuing the flow of combat and deflects. Earlier, we mentioned that this update made the encounter with Zhang Liang a bit easier. The patch notes state that the maximum HP of his first form has been reduced along with his AI, damage values for each type, and camera movements being adjusted.

Divine Beasts will now scale off of the player’s Morale Rank, dealing more damage when summoned at a higher value. In addition to that, the iframe duration after performing Fatal Strikes or deflecting Critical Blows has been increased. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty v1.05 Bug Fixes

The last section of the patch notes outlines major bug fixes in v1.05, including crash-prone situations that occurred in certain environments of the game. Other bugs which prevented destination markers from being displayed on ultrawide resolution, launching Spirit attacks if Guard was set to the Shift key, and from progressing after matching up with other players under certain conditions in Co-op have been resolved.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bug Fixes
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bug Fixes

Moreover, the bug which impacted the drop rate after defeating the boss in “Legend of the Thunder God” has been ironed out. Along with this, several other issues, such as players being unable to re-enter the boss area in some stages and the occurrence of death if players removed equipment with HP-related special effects, were addressed.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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