Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gets New Patch For Balance Adjustments

The update is released for Steam, PS4 and, PS5, with an Xbox iteration in the works.

Story Highlights

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s new update fixes various bugs and issues.
  • Adjustments are made that improve combat mechanics for smoother battles.
  • Several new functions have been added to the title to improve engagement, including new tutorials.

Koei Tecmo has released a new patch ver. 1.07 for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It fixes various bugs, makes balance adjustments, and adds a few new functions to the game. The patch is available for Steam, PS4, and PS5 platforms. However, according to an official tweet by the developers, the update will be soon available for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles as well. 

Additional Features

The patch adds many new features to improve the efficiency of gameplay. Players will be now able to carry over their progress from their Battle and Marking Flags when they wish to return to a previously completed battlefield. New features are added to the online multiplayer mode that will allow players to split off from their companions. 

Diagrams are added in the tutorial so players would be able to better understand the complex gameplay elements. These were added to Learn Wizardry Spells screen, Set Wizardry Spells screen, and Five Phases Affinities. Furthermore, players would be able to view Five Virtues in the documents menu within the tutorial screen. 


Various adjustments are made to provide smooth and well-balanced gameplay. The turnaround between dash attacks for several weapons is improved. The attack start-up sequence, recovery sequence, combos, and movements are optimized for better combat. Several changes are made to the spirit gauge and spirit damage dealt

Martial Arts’ usability is made more efficient by balancing various stats including speed, and range. The movements during these Martial Arts are improved for less tedious combat. The Pushback and Hitbox mechanics are improved. 

Wizard Spells are adjusted to consume less spirit. The attack speed and stone accumulation of Force Blow is improved. Furthermore, a few adjustments were made to the venom snare spell increasing movements and Toxin accumulation.

Boss battles are made more engageable by improving their AI. A few additional attack combo patterns were added for a few bosses. Their defense, spirit, and attack power are much more balanced. The movements are made smoother. 

Online gameplay is made more convenient as players had trouble matching with their peers. So, the conditions for online matching were revised and improved that previously hampered players. Furthermore, action synchronization was improved that reduced delays in online mode. 

Bug Fixes

A myriad of bugs that were frequently occurring in the game are now resolved. Various crashes were addressed and fixed that hampered gameplay. Issues with walls and bounds were fixed which made their functionality non-existent. Bugs during spirit utilization, gain, and casting spells are taken down. In addition to fixing a few minor bugs, the patch also fixes a few issues with enemies’ respawning, damage numbers, UI, and player attacks. 

More details about the patch are shared on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s official website. 

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