New Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 1.03 Update Resolves Major Bug Issues

Patch 1.03 addresses many major and minor bug issues and adds noticeable improvements to some of the game's minor mechanics.

Story Highlights

  • The newest Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty patch focuses on resolving some major bug issues primarily on the PC port.
  • The update also focuses on minor adjustments to some mechanics in the game.
  • Improvements to the camera control for mouse users.

Just a week after launch, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has launched a new patch primarily targeting the buggy and less-than-ideal performance that the PC port seems to be outputting. This new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty patch addresses many major and minor bug issues and adds noticeable improvements to some of its minor mechanics. Some of the major improvements include:

  • A very annoying bug in which crash-prone situations occurred in certain environments has been fully addressed.
  • Another major problem for those with weaker graphics cards is that the wrong graphics card was selected to run the game in certain environments.
  • And finally, a fix to a bug that prevented the player from obtaining the trophy/achievement “Awakening of the Unscrupulous Hero” during online multiplayer sessions.

Apart from these, there are a few more worthy to take notice of, but not as important as the ones listed above. There have also been minor adjustments regarding the camera controls for mouse users and online multiplayer sessions.

The newest title from Team Ninja, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, has been riling up the gaming community for less-than-ideal reasons. Although the game received great Meta Critic scores, it has been under pressure primarily due to its weak performance on PC, which can be seen by the contents of the recent patch.

Due to this, the game may have had a good story and even an array of memorable boss fights, the game is single-handedly pulled back due to this major hiccup that it faced on launch. Overall this patch addresses some much-needed issues considering the PC version is currently riddled with performance issues which include frequent stutters while playing.

PC players have been getting a lot of bad ports of Triple-A games recently and sadly Wo Long is one of them. With the trend of releasing games that can barely function in a ‘new-gen’ era is absurd to see, but with how much competition now exists within the gaming environment, it is likely that we will see many more unfinished ports soon, but hopefully, we see developers like these, there to fix them instantly.

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