Activision Wants To Share Your In-Game Inventories With Other Players

The rare items in your inventories may be used by other users based on conditions in place.

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  • Activision has published a new patent that wants to let you share your inventory with other players.
  • It mentions that items can currently only be earned by grinding or limited-time events. 
  • Items, including skins, weapons, craftables, and the like, could be accessible by others for a limited time.

Activision is among the leading figures in the gaming ecosystem to push innovative yet wild ideas for its games. A newly published patent looking to change game inventories is no different. The company wants to reduce the privacy of players’ game inventories by making them available to other users. It discusses a system that can let others use your items based on certain conditions.

The patent dubbed “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING CONDITIONAL ACCESS TO VIRTUAL GAMING ITEMS” talks about giving “conditional accessibility” of game inventory items to other players. However, others cannot use your game inventory without your permission and set restrictions. Activision proposes a system to make game progression easier and more fun for new players. 

A first player possessing a virtual item may make said item conditionally accessible to a second player, wherein the conditional accessibility is determined based on at least one predefined condition,” mentions Activsion in the patent.

The flowchart image shows steps for providing access to game items for other players.
The flowchart image shows steps for providing access to game items for other players.

Activison argues that players currently can only get or earn items through gameplay, which are always tied to their accounts. These items can vary from weapons, skins, characters, and more. These items can be hard to obtain. Additionally, some inventory items could be from a limited-time event in games. Not having certain items can also make game progression quite tedious for some users.

Hence, there is need for a method through which unused gaming inventory items of one player may be made conditionally or selectively accessible, upon fulfillment of one or more predefined conditions, to a second player for improving the gameplay experience of the second player.”

The image shows rules for setting conditions for a game item.
The image shows rules for setting conditions for a game item.

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As noted above, Activision states certain restrictions to make inventory sharing more fair for all parties. A player can let others only access their own items based on conditions, such as the item rarity, time limit, reaching or needing a certain level, the spawn rates of that item falling below a certain point, or vice versa, and more. The other person may also need to be a friend of the player to have the option to borrow items. 

The owner may be allowed to define conditions for accessing the item, either additionally or alternatively to developer-specified conditions. In other embodiments, multiple other conditions may be predefined, which are required to be fulfilled before an item may be made available for access.”

The image shows that the time to use the borrowed item has run out.
The image shows that the time to use the borrowed item has run out.

Activision games could benefit a lot from the discussed system if implemented fairly. Having the ability to share our items from inventories will make them more accessible to everyone instead of trading with each individual. Scams emerging from trading would also be reduced by a noticeable degree.

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