Dead by Daylight Devs Tease New Multiplayer Game

Looking at how far Dead By Daylight went, we can expect this new title to follow suit.

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. It was released in June 2016 and has since been played by millions of players. The game follows a four vs one style, with four players taking the roles of survivors and one player playing the killer.

The Killer has the first-person perspective and the Survivors have the third-person perspective. Survivors can only defend themselves by stunning or blinding the killer.

They are also better at traversing obstacles. At the same time, the killer has his own set of abilities. Survivors must work together to power 5 generators across the map to escape the map. So it takes a good amount of communication and strategy as well.

It includes killers from some franchises including Evil Dead, Scream, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc to name a few. The game has received about 26 DLCS and its community is still growing. A truly collaborative experience indeed.

Looking at everything this title achieved, one could argue that it would be improved upon more, and it actually has been. But all good things must come to an end, and this new announcement might spell exactly that for the popular title.

According to a report obtained by Very Ali Gaming, developers Behaviour Interactive have started working on an entirely new franchise. One of the job listings on the company’s website is for the Console System Programmer position at its headquarters in Montréal.

The application reads, “Behaviour is seeking programmers to port a PC game to new console platforms and support first-party digital media entertainment service. The mandate is to build a version of the game that is ready for submission to the supported platform.”

Console System Programmer Job Description
Console System Programmer Job Description

In addition to the latter, there is another job posting that comes across as duly noteworthy.

The open vacancy is for the Online System Programmer role, and here’s what the job description reads about it, “Behaviour is looking for an Online System Programmer, who will bring their expertise and rigor to our team, in order to develop our next IP!

Online System Programmer Job Description
Online System Programmer Job Description

It is unknown how much work has been done, but it seems that much of it still remains. Considering how much effort they put into Dead by Daylight, we can be sure that this title will receive the same handy work.

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