Dead By Daylight Hunts Racism by Removing Leatherface Masks

Leatherface players will receive 6,000 Iridescent Shards when they are removed

Since its foundation, online gaming has been afflicted by toxicity and all manner of discrimination. And it’s no surprise that a game such as Dead By Daylight is no exception. Racism has been a big part of the toxic culture that plagues gaming communities. Due to racist behavior in the game, Dead by Daylight is removing the Leatherface masks.

Dead By Daylight is a game developed by Behaviour Interactive that implements the best elements of survival and horror together in a 1v4 environment. A group of unfortunate survivors must escape a maniac that is hell-bent on sacrificing them to some “Entity”. 

The Killer has the first-person perspective and Survivors have the third-person perspective. Survivors can only defend themselves by stunning or blinding the killer. They are also better at traversing obstacles. While the killer has his own set of abilities. To escape the map, survivors must work together to power 5 generators across the map. So it takes a good amount of communication and strategy as well.

The game includes a roster of survivors and killers. Besides the original characters, more and more characters were added to the roster over time. There are currently 29 survivors and 26 killers. 

It includes killers from some franchises including: 

Evil Dead, Scream, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc to name a few. The game has received about 26 DLCS and its community is still growing.

Behaviour Interactive Takes Action

Toxicity lurks in every game community to some extent. An intense game that gives chills to even the bravest of players is ought to bring up some toxic behavior by them. Sadly, some people take it too far. That causes the developers to take action against them which can in return, affect the whole community in both positive and negative ways. Hey, but the good thing is Behaviour Interactive is taking action against racism. 

Behaviour announced the removal of Leatherface’s masks in an update:

“Members of the community have shared their experiences with people targeting and harassing them while using some of these masks. These reports were disheartening to hear, and we condemn this behavior.

“We are not comfortable having these masks in the game when they are used as a tool to spread hate. To that end, we will be removing The Cannibal’s unlockable faces in this upcoming Mid-Chapter.”

However, to compensate for that, they added “Anyone who has ever played The Cannibal by the release of the Mid-Chapter update will be awarded 6,000 Iridescent Shards (Dead by Daylight’s premium currency) to compensate for their removal.” Behaviour continued “We will not tolerate hateful activity and will continue to take every step necessary to protect the community.”

Harassment and discrimination will always haunt online gaming. But we can keep away from it. The reputation of gamers takes a hit because of these events. Instead, why not join together to make good examples by achieving amazing things like the revival of Titanfall Multiplayer. It’s nice to see that Dead by Daylight is removing the Leatherface masks because racism does not have a place in any game whatsoever. 

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