Northstar Mod Gives Second Life to Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

The Titanfall 2 community won against all odds once again

If there was one game that was more beloved to the community than its developers, then it would be the Titanfall series. Its loyal fans have bonded together in defeating the plague that has threatened the game. However, it is still surviving and trying to thrive against the hostile threats that befall it once in a while. The PC community made the Northstar mod that gives a second life to Titanfall 2 multiplayer. 

Titanfall series is developed by Respawn Entertainment and it has seen its share of heyday. For those not familiar, Titanfall is a series of first-person shooter games that has its twist in the FPS genre. The game features fluid movements in sci-fi mechs and high octane action.

Titanfall can immerse a player into its world of war-torn outer space colonies of the frontier. Players control “pilots” in 6v6 matches. This game sets the sci-fi genre for FPS games and it provides fast-paced, wall-running hyper-focused matches. With the right skills, one can pilot his mech like it’s a part of his body. There are many reasons to love this series but this is the gist of it. As such, the community is ready to do anything to preserve this goodness that they hold close to their hearts.

Unfortunately, according to players Titanfall 1 and 2 both have been barely playable for months. Titanfall 2 receives attacks from the threats that stalk multiplayer games. The community has been looking for help requesting Respawn Entertainment to provide any sort of aid for this series to go on. Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment is focused on its battle royale hit called “Apex Legends” since it’s more profitable. They are ignoring all the requests to look into these attacks to their series. This has dwindled their respect in the eyes of the community.

Introducing Northstar

Northstar Mod Gives Second Life to Titanfall 2 Multiplayer
Northstar is a mod that allows players to play on the community-hosted server

The games have been infested with hackers & DDoS’ers, and Respawn (and EA) have left the Titanfall series in shambles. Luckily, the community banded together to deal with this situation once they realized that no help was going to come their way. The community has developed a mod called Northstar that allows them to make community-hosted servers. Northstar is publicly available on GitHub for you to download right now.

This all started when a few people started hosting and playing custom games on the EA/Respawn servers to escape the hellish habitat of multiplayer matchmaking. A few people took note of this potential and began to develop a mod and a custom server. This allows users to create community-hosted servers and a big number of custom games called Northstar.

The mod allows you to create custom matches with either traditional rules or custom rules to make things fun. Custom servers are exactly what the hardcore Titanfall 2 community needs right now. There are no hackers in these servers so you will be able to enjoy Titanfall 2 multiplayer in all its glory.

It’s amazing how despite all the odds that plagued the community and its series, they came up with such an incredible solution. Even without the help of Respawn Entertainment, they were able to defeat these hackers. At the same time, it’s sad how Respawn Entertainment and EA ignored Titanfall after they got busy with Apex Legends. It just goes to show that if the fans bond together, the whole community wins. 

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