Deviation Games Is Working On A Large-Scale PS5 Project

The newly formed studio is rumored to be working on an FPS live service game for the PS5.

Deviation Games was formed in 2019 by Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. Both of them played a significant role in developing the Call of Duty: Black Ops series. After two years of being formed, the company recently expanded its horizons to announce Deviation Games Canada. Not only that, but they also announced a partnership with Sony a while back. It is no surprise that the studio was hard at work on developing their new IP. However, we have found out a lot of information about their latest project. 

According to a few job listings, Deviation is working on a title for the PS5. The job listing states that Deviation is looking to hire a PS5 expert who will analyze the PS5 builds. On top of that, they will develop PS5 SDK, toolchain, and engine. The listing states, “We are looking for a talented PS5 Expert to join us in developing our exciting unannounced AAA game title. This individual will identify, design, architect, and implement innovation.”

Deviation's Next Game Could Be An Answer To Call Of Duty
Deviation Games PS5 game job listing.

This shows that Deviation is focused on creating their new IP solely for the PS5. Speculation might suggest that the unannounced game will be a part of Sony‘s live service games. This is made further evident since Deviation is looking for an Online Network Engineer that can “Develop backend services for player profiles and persistent world state.”

While the project is unannounced, people speculate that it might be an FPS game. This is no surprise since the founders of the studio have played a prominent part in the Black Ops series. According to a leak, this is made further evident, but take that with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that the company has never stated whether their new IP is an FPS title or not. 

However, we know that the project will be a large-scale game. It will have player progression, social systems, and matchmaking features. Whether the game is open-world or not remains to be seen. Needless to say that the game sounds ambitious for a first title from a newly formed studio. Not only that, but the studio is also looking for designers experienced in “AAA single-player or multiplayer RPGs/Action/story games.” Their primary focus for this listing was to look for people with experience with co-op multiplayer games. 

Deviation's Next Game Could Be An Answer To Call Of Duty
Job listing for a large-scale project at Deviation Games.

On top of that, the game will feature ballistic weapons and vehicles. The job listing focuses on vehicle physics, dynamic movements, and interaction with AI. Whether the game will be in first-person perspective or not remains to be seen. However, we can confirm that AI will be one of the core aspects of the game. Plus, having vehicles makes it more interesting.

Deviation's Next Game Could Be An Answer To Call Of Duty
The game will feature ballistic weapons and vehicles, among other things.

Since the game is being developed for the PS5, the studio wants to make ‘fluid and grounded “next-generation” animations.’ Alongside general animation, Deviation wants to emphasize facial animations as well. “Deviation Games is looking for a talented Senior Technical Artist with extensive experience in character rigging and animation pipeline. This is an opportunity to elevate yourself and the Deviation Games team to create a product that becomes the new industry standard.” 

We cannot wait for Deviation to reveal their latest project. From the sounds of it, this will be an ambitious project that will have live service aspects to it. While I would love for the game to be an FPS to take on Call of Duty, we have no confirmation yet. As soon as we get more information, we will keep you updated. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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