DrDisrespect, Shroud Say There’s No New Games to Play Anymore

"I want to play something! I want to have fun!"

This just in! Content creators who have made their career off of playing solely one kind of game and marketing those games are complaining that companies are producing more of them! 

Major Takeaways:

  • A clip of DrDisrespect has gone viral where he says there’s “nothing to play” and that he wants to play something actually fun.
  • A statement by FPS player Shroud before the clip went viral echoes DrDisrespect’s concerns.
  • Both streamers have been facing backlash for their statements on Twitter. 

In the past few days, a few notable content creators have spoken up about the current state of gaming. A clip of notable streamer and e-celeb “DrDisrespect” is viral on Twitter where he expresses mild frustration over not having anything new to play. 

“I want to play something! I want to have fun!” DrDisrespect says as he continues his stream of Call of Duty Warzone. 

This statement was further echoed by another popular streamer, Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud, who also posted via Twitter citing the lack of shooters in the gaming space. 

Both these statements have generated controversy among many in the gaming community as 2022 was considered extremely varied in terms of games. From adventure games like Stray and Tunic to the beat-em-up action of SIFU and Bayonetta to incredibly unique ideas such as Neon White and Vampire Survivors. 

Many have called out the streamers in question for actively perpetuating stagnancy by building a platform solely off online shooters and battle royale titles instead of trying out new games. 

DrDisrespect is also no stranger to controversy as he faced similar backlash for his opinions regarding Halo Infinite. Praising the game, he mentioned that the game “must have” a battle royale mode in order to survive. 

While 2022 was admittedly light on massive shooters, the indie and AA scene boomed with great releases such as Turbo Overkill, Deadlink, Shadow Warrior 3, and ULTRAKILL Act 2. 

Even personally this is an astonishing claim to see as someone who’s still barely managing to keep up with half of the releases of 2022. Even though 2022 wasn’t a home run of back-to-back releases, it was a slow burn that was an excellent year for gaming in hindsight. 

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