New EA Patent To Generate Multiplayer Maps Based On Players’ Single-Player Objectives

The new EA patent will make the single-player and multi-player mode more interconnected than ever before.

Patents published by some of the most prominent goliaths like Electronic Arts are an ideal way to predict a studio’s next venture. The gigantic American game studio is well-renowned for producing some of the best video game industry IPs. However, it is exploring a lot of innovative concepts behind the veil of patents. 

Initially filed in 2020, we stumbled upon a newly-published patent by EA named “DYNAMIC MODIFICATIONS OF SINGLE PLAYER AND MULTIPLAYER MODE IN A VIDEO GAME.” This patent explores a revolutionary framework that could alter the entire gaming experience in the coming years.

The patent by EA is securing the rights to develop a system that may diminish the disparity that exists between the single-player campaigns of different players through “dynamically generated multiplayer maps.” Currently, most AAA games that feature single-player campaigns only allow the player to complete it alone.

The multiplayer mode is usually based on separate objectives and does not meddle with players’ separate single-player campaigns. However, 

The recent patent discusses a new concept “for dynamically generating a multiplayer map based on single player storyline objectives” of different players. The patent will allow players to complete single-player objectives and progress together in their individual storylines by playing on generated maps.

The patent explains the framework, “Storyline objectives from the single player mode are selected and made available for completion to players in the multiplayer mode, and the single player storylines can be advanced by players completing respective storyline objectives while playing in the multiplayer mode.”

A Diagram showing an instance for dynamically generating a multiplayer map based on single-player storyline objectives.

The players can individually progress in the single-player campaigns while simultaneously playing on a dynamically generated multiplayer map to complete the required objectives. It continues, “Combinations of storyline objectives are selected from pending storyline objectives for players connecting to a multiplayer game for compatibility with multiplayer maps. Constraints can be used to determine compatibility.

The description of EA’s patent dives further into the particulars. It reads, “Multiplayer maps can be dynamically modified to support the completion of one or more single player objectives for a plurality of players.” Moreover, the legal document by Electronic Arts also elaborates on how the objectives will be selected.

Only the compatible objectives among all the objectives will be selected for all the participating players to complete together. The patent explains, “a map may be selected based at least in part on both the first player’s progress and the second player’s progress in their respective storylines.

An instance to explain dynamically assigning single-player storyline objectives in a multiplayer mode of a video game.

The map will be generated to include different elements. Each element would be able to support the objective of a specific player; that’s why dynamic generation will be extremely useful. All the elements will be able to compensate for any number of players who participates in the game.

Moreover, each generated map will also enable multiplayer objectives that are separate from the single-player ones. EA’s patent elaborates, “Accordingly, two, any plurality, or all of the players in the multiplayer map can complete a storyline objective in addition to a multiplayer objective while playing on the multiplayer map.

If the patent is materialized, each partaking player will be able to progress in their own individual campaign while playing together. However, it won’t always be feasible for everyone. A number of constraints could become a hindrance. 

An instance of a computer search process to report on compatibility coverage.

The constraints here imply incompatibilities of objectives with other objectives and/or maps. The patent by EA dives into different types of constraints. The storyline constraint could happen if player A has already reached a certain threshold, like killing a certain boss; it would not make sense for Player A to face it again in a multiplayer match.

Another constraint is the lore. For instance, Player A has to hunt slimes, but the map chosen for both players is ultimately a desert where slimes cannot spawn because of lore restrictions. The third constraint discussed is restrictions that could happen because of the map that is selected for all players.

For instance, the map may not feature enough open space for a dragon to spawn. There could be a bundle of more constraints. However, an intricately developed framework may be able to tackle them. Only time will tell whether this patent will become a reality or not. 

What are your thoughts about the patent by EA? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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