Ex-Bloober Director Teases New Horror Game Made In Unreal Engine 5

The new horror game will reportedly be "a big project, with big names and budget."

Ex-director for Bloober @arturlaczkowski was famed for his horror games and everything he had produced in that sector. Many of his games delved into psychological scenes and directions never before seen in any horror title.

During his tour in Bloober, he sought to create titles with a more lasting significance, and even if this wasn’t achieved to the highest extent possible, he still made a very distinctive impact in the world of horror.

The Ex-director recently made a tweet where he teased a new horror project in the works. Although not much is known about the title, we can be sure that this will be another dive into a new Medium of horror.

From his tweet, we can deduce that after his last title The Medium, he must’ve been disappointed about how the game was received overall, even though it was a good title, some aspects of it were a pain to traverse and slow gameplay really slogged progress.

In this Bloober title, you travel to an abandoned communist resort and use your unique psychic abilities to uncover its deeply disturbing secrets. But puzzle solving is not its only aspect, the title also explores a demonic side where you survive encounters against these demons, all while exploring two realities at the same time.

Looking at the amount of creativity in this title we can expect this new title to be just as intriguing. Although not a lot of info was given, some details were given.

“Since I left Bloober, it took me a long time before I decided to return to game development. At this point I can’t reveal too much but it’s a big project, with big names and budget. We are using advance technology powered by Unreal Engine 5. I’ll reveal more in the near future.”

The most intriguing part of his statement is using big names and budgets. It feels as if he’s targeting something along the lines of Death Stranding, but until more details are given we can’t say much. The creator also seems to be conflicted with himself after The Medium, but he’s back in high spirits with a team ready to make the next big hit. 

Even after leaving the Studio, he declared he wasn’t done making games, and now he has returned with his burning passion and a teaser that can go on to become something great.

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