Former Fable Art Director Working On Blizzard’s Unannounced Survival Game

Jamie Wood is the Lead lightning Artist for Blizzard's new unannounced IP.

It is apparent by now that something is brewing in the Blizzard‘s basement. Current and ex-Blizzard employees have expressed their anticipation for this upcoming survival title on social media. However, Blizzard isn’t ready to unveil it yet; the name they have given us is the “Unannounced Survival Game.” This new title is set in a new universe and has been in development for four and a half years.

All the praise is undoubtedly helping Blizzard’s effort to recruit new developers for the project. The enthusiasm appears authentic, especially when a mist of controversy and uncertainty shrouds Blizzard. The recent effort of the Microsoft acquisition had also left the company’s future unpredictable. It seems that things are starting to ease up a little with the current anticipation of this new IP. The game also appears to be more than just a prototype, perhaps in very alpha stages.

Jamie Wood Working For This New Survival Title

A former art director for the game fable, Jamie Wood, works as a lead lighting artist for this unannounced title. That action role-playing game was quite a hit despite the issues it had to go through during the development process. Fable 2 and Fable 3 hit the peak of their success.

His specialties include XSI, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Nuke, and Premiere.
Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, and Traditional Drawing.

Jamie Wood has also worked for the prominent company EA. As a lighting and VFX director, he crafted a commercial success, the Forza Horizon series. Forza Horizon series is acknowledged as one of the most acceptable racing genres. He is well known for his endeavors throughout the development scene. Undoubtedly, he has impacted all the worlds he partook in crafting.

The source is @Idle Sloth84, A prominent leaker (who may be the fastest sloth in the world), and credits to Coarse_Grained

More about the ‘Unannounced Survival’ Game

The developers in Blizzard were prevented from unveiling any secrets due to non-disclosure agreements. However, they couldn’t help but express some joy and anticipation for this title.

Leading the survival game project is Craig Amai. He formerly worked on World of Warcraft for over a decennium, beginning as an in-game customer support lead in 2004 and ending as lead quest designer. 

“Once upon a time, this dream project was humble pitch deck on my desktop,” Amai noted on Twitter.” Now it’s a team full of caring and passionate people sharing a vision I couldn’t be prouder to be part of.”

“Can’t say much, but the team and project are amazing, and it’s the best game dev experience I’ve had,” expressed Andrew Porter, a senior concept artist on the game. Other Blizzard employees listed similar words, but haply more striking is that many ex-Blizzard employees voiced admiration for the team and enthusiasm for the game.

“This is a project that will have a big impact on the industry,” wrote Teamfight Tactics’ executive producer Geoffrey Virtue on LinkedIn. According to Virtue‘s resume, he co-led the survival game from 2019 until June 2021, when he quit Blizzard for Riot.

Blizzard is known for making significant entries for existing IPs; it’s good to see them amalgam new formulas. Nothing but a few comments have been revealed about the title, leaving us empty yet filled with anticipation. The game seems to take an artistic approach from the little art we have seen, perhaps the world full of colors. 

Overall, this unannounced title could be the beginning of something new. The same genres and approach this title is heading towards is anyone’s guess. However, it may take a while to ripen for a couple more years. Various changes are looming on the company; Blizzard is hiring numerous level designers and artists to help shape the mold that will hatch up the released game. Let us know if you are excited about the new IP by Blizzard in the comments below!

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