Former Redstorm Environment Artist Joins InXile Entertainment

Matthew Cooley is well known for crafting alluring environments in the Division 1 and 2.

Several studios under Microsoft have been hiring prominent figures for the last few months. For instance, former WB Games executive producer Rob Shepard joined XGS Publishing. People speculate that Xbox is expanding its arsenal to increase the quality of its upcoming projects. Microsoft has come into the spotlight with the recent acquisition of Blizzard.

Microsoft is making it apparent that they want to dominate the gaming market in the next-gen of consoles. Hiring all these talented figures may give them an edge over Sony. However, Sony‘s current acquisition plans of Bungie, the developer of Destiny and original creator of Halo, speak otherwise. They are not planning to give in; this friendly back and forth between both giants leaves us wondering about the stellar future of console gaming.

Mathew Cooley Joins InXile Entertainment

Video games are recognized as one of the most effective forms of art. The ability to craft worlds and tell stories allows us to explore a whole new dimension of entertainment. Many factors have to be regarded when creating heart-touching video games. Various talented people have to blend their expertise and work harmoniously to craft these worlds. 

Matthew has worked with Redstorm Entertainment to craft nostalgic games like Divison 1 and 2. They are still recalled as having one of the best environments for their time. Matthew‘s other vocations include Far Cry 4 and Ghost Recon games.

Recently, Matthew shook hands with InXile Entertainment, taking the position of a senior environment artist. InXile Entertainment is known for its yields in the fantasy genre of games. They have crafted gems such as The Wasteland trilogy, The Bard’s Tale series, Choplifter HD, and many more. 

Former Redstorm Environment Artist Joins InXile Entertainment
Mathew Cooley Joins InXile Entertainment

Credits to GING-SAMA for the find and Idle Sloth for the Tweet.

Matthew has worked for other notable companies, such as Midway Games and Vicious Cycle. He has contributed his prowess to the video game industry since the early 2000s. A proficient artist like Matthew is sure to boost future projects of InXile to the moon. 

Environment artists bear a significant role in game development. They focus on the structure of world assets for a game or film. They may construct anything from terrain to environmental props. Now mix in the aspect of incorporating other elements of a game to merge well together. This amalgamation creates a visually beautiful experience. A blend of Matthew‘s skills and story-telling of InXile Entertainment sounds like the perfect combination for an unforgettable adventure.

Overall, studios under Microsoft are hiring all the right people. The hereafter of video games on next-gen is also appearing radiant. Recent buyouts of more studios under these giants ought to increase the competition, which will benefit the quality of video games. We may get memorable exclusives this decade. Which console are you opting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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