Voice Actor Behind The Adorable “Meows” In Stray Revealed

The cutesy feline in Stray has been voiced by an equally adorable cat.

The cyberpunk genre is well integrated into video games but Stray has added a new twist to it. Seldom do adventure games work out, without integrating a form of combat or action behind it. However, the title stays true to its adventure-platforming genre and features a mesmerizing dystopian sci-fi world that is explored by none other than an adorable feline.

Stray is based on a melancholic neon-lit cyberpunk world filled with flickering lights like the glimmering hope of robotic servants that inhabit it. It features a bitter-sweet world leaving with an aftertaste of sadness curbed by its protagonist, a perfectly normal feline doing cat-like things that eases up the whole experience.

Throw paint cans from the edges or get your head stuck in a paper bag as you accumulate experience of being a feline. There is even an entire button dedicated to meowing and an achievement to meow a hundred times. Go on an exhilarating adventure to find your family as you deal with the zurk-infested rustic streets in the meows-merising world of Stray.

You will encounter robotic servants, with heads for CRT monitors, who have settled into the saddening landscape to live their days peacefully. The game is a worthwhile experience for humans and cats alike, both enjoying the gameplay. The developer is also working hard to ensure a smoother experience, with updates every now and then.

Players have grown attached to the feline featured in Stray. Even people who did not like cats have grown a soft spot for them after playing the game, and behind all of that is one voice actor that happens to be just as adorable in real life as she is in the game, Lala (thanks, @jankenpopp), who produced the memorable meows in the game.

Moreover, she also voiced all the other cats that appear in the game. The cat has won the hearts of all feline fanciers who have awe-ed to their heart’s content after viewing the image. Many of the players are in love with the feline in Stray and Lala has largely contributed to it due to her stellar performance.

The voice actor for the cat in Stray appears to be as beautiful as the in-game feline. The sound of the meow heard in Stray automatically plays in our heads after appreciating Lala. She has a knack for acting and this may encourage developers to hire Lala for future roles in video games or movies, or even call her in for an interview. There are no plans right now regarding whether Lala will ever voice act again or not, but players do hope she does.

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