Stray, from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive, offers a unique gaming experience by putting players in the paws of a stray cat navigating a forgotten cybercity. As a cat, players solve puzzles, defend against threats, and uncover an ancient mystery in hopes of reuniting with their family. The game’s third-person perspective provides a stealthy, nimble, and playful playstyle, a delightful departure from the norm. For comprehensive guides on collecting everything in Stray, visit eXputer and help the kitty find its way home!

  • Developer: BlueTwelve Studio
  • Publishers: Annapurna Interactive
  • Release Date: July 19, 2022
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4 & Windows PC
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • eXputer Review Score: 4/5

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