Arthur Morgan’s Voice Actor From Red Dead Redemption 2 to Star In a World War 1 Horror Movie

New horizons for Roger Clark

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a monument of pure amazement. Although being a prequel, it’s a title that continues the legacy of the first Red Dead game in a similar, high-class fashion, exceeding beyond the expectations of fans and followers. However, achieving this stature took perfection in almost every facet that makes up a game, and voice acting is no exception to that.

The protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan, had his role filled by the exceedingly talented Roger Clark who provided the voice and the motion capture of the character. In doing so, Clark has been subject to widespread critical acclaim for pulling off a spectacular job with Arthur Morgan. Now, however, it appears that the voice actor is expanding his horizons and is going to take to movies to mark a new journey in his career. 

Late last month, Clark posted a photo on Twitter where a silhouette of a soldier with a gun on the back was seen. The caption for the photo went, “Was lucky enough to get in front of the camera again.” Wicked Good Gaming took this into notice, retweeting the post and saying, “Roger Clark – voice of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 making an appearance in the new Call of Duty?” It was originally assumed that Clark would feature in the upcoming Call of Duty, possibly Vanguard, but this has been dismissed by the man himself just now.

Replying to Wicked Good Games, Clark said, “No guys, this was for an upcoming feature. A WWI horror. I’ll share more soon. In the post I said how nice it was to get in front of the camera again. Gaming studios don’t usually go for filming on set, in costume. honored you’re interested in me do something like that tho Cheers.” 

Roger Clark on Twitter
Roger Clark on Twitter

While there isn’t much to go on about this project as of yet, the sound of a WW1-based horror does seem pretty exciting— now even more because of who’s starring in it. Still, real-life acting and motion capture have their significant differences, so we’re thrilled to see how Clark’s upcoming movie is going to turn out. 

What do you think of Roger Clark’s voice acting and the looks of this project? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section. 

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