Microsoft Rewards Initiative Extends To Many New Countries

The company has announced a new list of regions where the program is available

Gaming and technology industries have a lot of giant companies competing with each other. Every company is making products for the same market and trying to better one another. So, to gain customers in such highly competitive conditions you have to offer something extra.

Different companies offer different packages and rewards for people who use their services. Microsoft is one of those companies and they use a system called Microsoft Rewards. People who use any of the products from the company will gain points through this system. 

You can then add up these points and reward yourself from the offers the Microsoft Rewards catalogue has for you. Hence, by just using the company’s systems for your daily tasks you can earn exciting prizes. The service is available in many regions around the world and new countries are added all the time.  

Microsoft has just released an updated list of all the countries and regions with the Microsoft Rewards program. All of these countries have this service available to them and can use it to earn rewards. There are 38 new regions getting the service in this new list which is great to see. 

New additions among the 38 regions include Albania, Andorra, Armenia and Austria. Balkan states like Bulgaria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia have also gained the programs support according to this new list. Denmark has also been added to the list giving the whole of Scandinavia Microsoft Rewards availability.

Vatican City State and Greece will also have the service available from now on. As you might have noticed most of the countries getting Microsoft Rewards in this update are European. Kazakhstan and Turkey are the only new regions partially in Asia getting the program.

Some other notable additions include Portugal, Poland, Monaco, Romania and Ukraine. Hence, most of the Europe now has Microsoft Rewards available to use and earn nice rewards. If you just browse on Microsoft Edge, play on Xbox or even search in Windows, you’ll get points in the program. 

Not many regions in Asia or South America have the service right now. Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong are the only countries in Asia which have Microsoft Rewards. Brazil in South America and Mexico in North America are the only ones with the service except USA in the Americas. 

Currently, 58 regions have the Microsoft Rewards program available to them which is a relatively low number. So, not many countries in Asia, Africa and Americas don’t have it right now. Hopefully the program expands a lot in the upcoming years and we see it in every continent and country. 

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