Platinum’s CEO Plans to Create Riskier Live Service Titles

Hideki Kamiya's Project GG could be live service game in nature.

Atsushi Inaba, who recently became the president and CEO of PlatinumGames, conversed about his promotion in a recent interview with Famitsu. He was the former co-founder of the company. Inaba was previously allotted as vice-president of PlatinumGames and the head producer of its development division. He got crowned as president and CEO last month. 

Atsushi Plans For Larger And Riskier Titles

During the interview, the new CEO discussed the future of the company. One of the things he put forward was his future ambitions. Atsushi cited the new direction he wanted the company to take. Atsushi plans to create larger and riskier titles. Inaba‘s recent games have garnered success but did not go off the charts. The new CEO wants to change up the formula their upcoming games follow.

Atsushi noted, “[former CEO Kenichi Sato] established and developed the company, but I’d like to return to the initial quintessence of PlatinumGames. If we can no longer form new ways to play, then there is no reason for us to exist, and if that happens, I think it would be better to disband the company, no matter how fruitful it is. I want to go back to our basis and create new games on a larger scale in a more pure manner,”

Atsushi continued, “In the past, even if we wanted to create our own IP, it was difficult to do so, and even if we could, it would be on a tiny scale… we could only make indie-class products. In the future, I would like to get rid of all of that and make larger games from our ideas and succeed in at least one thing.”

He finished by saying, “I want to direct PlatinumGames in a path that is original and straight, and never look back. I think that’s my duty now.”

PlatinumGames’ Transition To Live-Service Genre

Platinum's CEO Plans to Create Riskier Live Service Titles
Atsushi Inaba during an interview.

In the interview, Inaba showed his interest in entering the live-service genre of games. He expressed he would like the company to mold games that “can be played and relished for a more extended time” instead of “one-off, well-designed” games such as the Bayonetta series. 

Kamiya‘s Project GG was cited especially by Inaba regarding his fixation to create titles “that are distinct from the history.” “Oops, I almost uttered something important about where we are headed,” Inaba said when asked about the design model behind GG.

Project GG is still in the stage of early testing of various features, so I can’t mention a lot about it, but talking about future game production, we want to concentrate on designing games that are dissimilar from the past. I would like to focus on building games that are wanted and loved for a lengthy period.”

He resumed, “Of course, we would like to treasure and make little but brilliantly concocted games like Sol Cresta, and games in which you can enjoy the process of emptying the game by going through one-off, well-designed stages, like Bayonetta.”

Nevertheless, the projects that we are attempting to develop for the future will be different in terms of their structure. Regarding the shifts in the market over the next five years or so, I think it is essential for us to do this. I’m sorry for being so unclear, but I think that’s all I can say right now.”

PlatinumGames has various projects presently in development, the most significant being Bayonetta 3. Another one is Sol Cresta, a sequel to the nostalgic gem from the ’80s, Moon Cresta. It’s also devising an action RPG Babylon’s Fall for Square Enix, which is expected to unveil this March. 

All in all, we can hope that the new direction for PlatinumGames works out. Their old style of games will be missed, and hopefully, they still tread down that path. Most games studios adapt and break new formulas to keep up with changing times. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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