Suda51 Reclaims Rights of Shadows of The Damned

Grasshopper already hard at work on their next project

In an interview with Destructoid, Suda51 says Grasshopper Manufacture are already hard at work on their next project. Suda51 stated that while there are currently no plans for a new No More Heroes game, they have 3 other games that they are hard at work on. It seems that one of those 3 could very likely be a follow-up to Grasshopper’s Action Horror Shooter “Shadows of The Damned”. 

It appears that Grasshopper have finally managed to reclaim the rights to Shadow of The Damned for themselves, meaning it wouldn’t be unlikely to expect a new game or at least a remaster/port in the near future akin to the Switch and PC ports that the No More Heroes games received.  

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Suda51 also mentions that a certain character from No More Heroes 3 will be playing a role in one of the 3 games they are working on. It is very well known that a lot of Suda51’s games take place in the same universe. We have seen that first hand with No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again which brought in characters from past Suda51 titles like Dan Smith from Killer7 and Kamui from The Silver Case. Furthermore, Suda-san also brings up an interest in creating new IPs for the studio featuring all new characters, saying that,

We feel that its a really good time for us to start building a new foundation for Grasshopper-with some brand new IPs and characters and with some pre-existing IPs and characters as well.

Shadows of The Damned came out in June 2011 and had some huge names attached to it like Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame as the producer and Akira Yamaoka as the composer. The game was received well with praise given to Suda51’s signature weirdness and also to the game’s fun, challenging combat and boss fights. The game was also published by EA around the time when series like Dead Space were still going incredibly strong. 

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