The Voice Of Lo Wang In Shadow Warrior Has Passed Away

John William Galt passed away last night at age 81.

A huge part of video games is voice acting. The actors play a key role in bringing games to life. The nature of voice acting can make or break a project. There have been many examples of quality voice acting over the years. One of the best performances was John William Galt as Lo Wang in Shadow Warrior. But, recently, some sad news about the tenured actor has surfaced.

John William Galt has sadly passed away, according to many sources. The actor died on the night of January 29th, according to E1M1 Magazine. A Tweet from the publication shared this news with the world.

Despite the news being told by credible sources, it isn’t confirmed by anyone related to John Galt. Our team does not confirm any rumors. We are trying our best to find out as much information as we can about this incident. 

The fans were very sorrowful seeing this news. John Galt had a significant impact on the gaming industry’s role in Shadow Warrior. The actor played the protagonist Lo Wang in the 1997 game and got praise for this role. The game has gone down as a cult classic. So, it’s no surprise that his death has had such an effect on the gaming community. 

Galt also did some great work in the film and TV industry. He had roles in classic films like Forrest Gump and JFK. He also appeared in Problem Child as the warden. The actor also appeared in a lot of TV movies throughout his career. Galt acted as a writer and producer on a few projects. He wrote two shorts called Sundown and To Ease the Loss. His producing credits include The Waiter and The Fanglys. Hence, his profile was vast, showing how talented he was.

John Galt also voiced a lot of characters in other video games. He voiced a few NPC’s in the game Deus Ex. His other works include voice acting in the video game Prey and Balls of Steel. Galt voiced Lo Wang again in Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon and Shadow Warrior: Wanton Destruction. The latter was his last appearance as the character.

At present, the voice acting is excellent, and some superior voice actors take part in many projects. But, John Galt will be remembered as an example of good voice acting in an era when it wasn’t typical. The industry has truly lost a gem of a person. Rest in peace, John William Galt!

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