XBSX PS2 Emulator Can Run Games Up To 4K On Xbox Consoles

It's a massive improvement over the original PlayStation 2 emulation.

Emulation has proven to be a great method to play games from one system to another. Broadly this means emulating games created for older platforms onto new ones to relive the nostalgic experience. Emulation is another way of protecting classical titles from fading into obscurity by keeping them playable on modern devices.

It is a big part of the gaming industry and has seen staggering improvements in recent years. For instance, the original Xbox can now be emulated on the portable Steam Deck. A popular tech YouTuber and game developer, Modern Vintage Gamer, explores emulating PlayStation 2 Games on the current-gen Xbox Series consoles in 4k.

Major Takeaway:

  • The XBSX2 PS2 Emulator has a remarkable ability to run PS2 games up to 4k native quality on the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X consoles. 
  • The emulator is a massive improvement over the previous one and runs without needing Retroarch.
  • The video by Modern Vintage Gamer explores the alluring emulator in-depth and discusses its capabilities. 

Modern Vintage Gamer surveys the relatively new PlayStation 2 emulator, XBSX2, for the current-gen Xbox Series consoles. The XBSX2 PS2 emulator significantly improved over the original PS2 emulation due to its stellar abilities. It is also able to support games that were previously faulty with the original PS2 emulation method.

YouTube video

Modern Vintage Gamer walks through the entire process and its outstanding performance on both consoles. The emulator is quite remarkable on both Xbox consoles, also well-suited for the Xbox Series S due to its ability to support high qualities with low power requirements.

The XBXS2 PlayStation 2 emulator manages to run PS2 games flawlessly and also includes a surprising boost in resolution. The new emulator boasts the ability to bump the games’ resolution up to 4K and beyond on both the Xbox Series S and the Series X. The youtube video tests the abilities of the emulator by trying several games.

The native 4K internal up-scaling is possible at full speed, which emulators rarely support. On Xbox Series S, MVG suggests using the 1440p res to retain those loftier frame rates. In contrast, Xbox Series X copes with the 4K resolution without hassle, which is expected of the series X. However, it is still possible to run Series S at 4K.

The original XBSX2 was available as a part of Retroarch, but it is now a standalone application, and Retroarch is no longer needed. Many games, such as Outrun and Burnout, are running smoothly, which used to have issues with the previous emulation method.

MVG summarized the performance by calling the XBSX2 PS2 emulator “absolutely amazing.” The video dives into the necessary details about getting the PlayStation 2 games to run on the Xbox consoles. 

MVG discusses the need for Dev Mode in the video, which drains $20 out of your pockets to activate. However, players have reported the emulator working without issues in the retail mode, and the Dev Mode does not seem necessary.

What are your thoughts about the Xbox Series S running PlayStation 2 games so flawlessly in 4k quality? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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