Yoshi-P Asks Fans To Halt Toxicity Towards FFXIV Developers

Says that "verbal abuses are something we wish can stop."

Toxicity is relatively common in gaming communities. When fans don’t like something, the developers feel its brunt. Social media is the primary source of this toxicity. Hateful comments are regular on networks like Reddit and Twitter. With the rise of gaming spheres on social media, toxicity towards developers has become frequent. Final Fantasy XIV director Yoshi-P addressed this in his recent interview. On the Radio Mog Station stream, Yoshi P asks fans to halt toxicity towards FFXIV developers.

The FFXIV director called for players to be kinder with their criticism. He said that the comments could hurt the staff, and not all of them have the mental fortitude to deal with criticism. Yoshi also noted that he was thankful for the players and their direction, but their criticism needed to be more constructive. The full interview can be seen below but there are no English captions. 

Yoshida Implores Veterans to be More Polite

There is also a trend of veteran players being rude to newcomers and using strong words in arguments. The game director mentioned how this has to stop as it demotivates the newer players.

“There are many players who come from other games so mistakes are a given.” 

Many players joined the game after the Endwalker expansion, and many are joining every day. So, the director has asked the veteran players to be less toxic to new players. A healthy community is vital to a game’s progress, and Yoshi-P wants to make sure his game isn’t harmful. He said that bad words hold people back, and the players of FFXIV shouldn’t have this mindset. 

Yoshi-P also talked about the mental health of his staff. He told in the stream that his staff members feel down after encountering such harsh words. The abuse can harm their ability to create ‘fun things.’ Players should be more considerate of developers, according to Yoshi:

“So, I have only one request to every player out there-please imagine you are speaking face to face with a developer and imagine how they feel before sending your feedback over.”

Yoshi said that the staff works very hard for the game, and such abuse can make them quit. Toxicity can demotivate them to the extent they don’t want to work. So, the players need to understand how abuse affects the staff. Recently, Yoshida said that information about the next FFXIV expansion would come out in February. 

Yoshi-P doesn’t want praise for everything, but careful thought before giving feedback is something he would appreciate. So, the community becomes less toxic, and more players can join FFXIV. Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts regarding this issue. 

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