You Can Play Elden Ring Game Boy Demake On Your Browser Right Now

It's available on the console and your local browser.

A lot of great games have come out in 2022 and it’s been a great year for gaming. We have had the pleasure to play amazing titles like Horizon: Forbidden West, Dying Light 2 and Pokémon Legends: Arceus. But, one game stands out from all of these major studio releases and that is Elden Ring.

The FromSoftware RPG took the world by storm and became one of the most acclaimed games ever in no time. Sales of the title also speak for themselves as it has broken numerous records. Players are still buying it in heaps and it shows no sign of slowing down. Now, someone has made a demake of Elden Ring on another classic platform.

Someone has made a demake of Elden Ring which playable on the Game Boy and any browser. Reddit user shin- is responsible for making this demake of the FromSoftware RPG. The user posted it on the Elden Ring Subreddit on the website and made it available for everyone. A video shows gameplay of this demake and it looks pretty good and very fun to play.

I made an Elden Ring demake for the Game Boy! You can play it in browser or on console right now! from Eldenring

If you want to play a retro 8-bit version of Elden Ring this is just the port for you. Even in this ancient version the Elden Ring looks pleasing to play and the developer has done a great job. Music in the demake is very good and the 8-bit screen even has a “You Died” animation. Seeing the famous souls Bourne animation on the retro Game Boy is surreal.

Sights and bosses from the FromSoftware RPG also appear and we see a lot of familiar places. A rolling mechanic is also present in the Elden Ring demake and it is by far the best part. You can roll and spin everywhere and that may seem like nothing but its a fun mechanic for fans.

Players can kill monsters and die a million times just like the original game but on a retro console. Hence, this game is just Elden Ring on a smaller scale and every retro gaming fan would like to experience this. A link to play this game was shown in the video and you can go there and play it.

Best thing about this Elden Ring demake is that it can run on your browser too so you don’t really need a Game Boy to run it. Credit goes to Shin for developing this amazing demake for the widely popular RPG. Hopefully you enjoy it and don’t die as much as he original game.

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