Hades Close to Becoming All-Time Highest Rated Game on Steam

Supergiant's latest hit seems to be reaching even greater heights

Supergiant Games’ latest hit, Hades, has been showered with praise by almost everyone who has played it since its release from Early Access last year. The game has attained a dedicated following of players breaking the game’s limits and an overwhelmingly passionate speedrunning community that is constantly competing for records with harder challenges and handicaps.

According to the top-rated games on SteamDB it seems that Hades is now on its way to becoming the highest-rated game on Steam and will soon seize the throne of Valve’s very own Portal 2 which has dominated the list for years now. SteamDB uses an average of total reviews and the number of positive and negative reviews to come up with the ratings.

Hades No.2 on SteamDB’s Top Rated Games with Portal 2 still being No.1.

The game has also garnered overwhelming praise on other platforms, immediately shooting up to be the highest-rated game on both PS5 and XBOX Series X in only a few weeks. It has also been one of the highest-rated and top-selling games on the Nintendo Switch and has sold a total of over a million copies on all platforms combined.

Hades steam reviews
For anyone curious, how Steam Top Rated games are calculated.

Hades is a phenomenal title that more people should play and it’s a pleasure to see both the game and Supergiant themselves get the praise and recognition they very much deserve.

Hades isn’t actually the first breakout hit by Supergiant, as the studio has always been known and recognized to put out groundbreaking, high-quality indie titles going as far back as Bastion in 2011. Bastion was also Supergiant’s first breakout hit causing them to burst into the gaming scene with an explosive bang. While Bastion came out with a bang, and even though the same could also be said for Supergiant’s other titles like Transistor and the less appreciated Pyre, Hades’s reception in comparison is so great that it can only be described as a thermonuclear explosion.

And for good reason too, Hades is a punishing rogue-lite that slowly unravels itself the more time you spend in its river soaked in deep crimson. The game has been universally praised for its unique storytelling method where the more you die, the more you find out about the game’s exhaustive lore and its wonderfully colorful and charming cast of characters, all of whom are drawn in a drop-dead gorgeous(and frankly kind of horny) art-style.

It’s an incredibly clever way to tell an engaging story in a rogue-lite game and Supergiant have made a painstaking effort to make sure that their story pays off in every way possible for the player, offering story payoffs late into the endgame.

The game also maintains a very smooth difficulty curve easing newcomers into the pain before ramming it in with the force of a thousand suns, after which the game progressively gets easier as your character slowly improves alongside your own skill.

There’s also a wonderfully satisfying combat system that’s beautifully animated with “Diarrhea Christmas lights”, as a certain YouTube channel calls them as well as an addicting endgame featuring higher difficulty runs. The game was also noted for its incredible soundtrack, composed by Darren Korb who also voices the main character “Zagreus” The son of Hades, and ho boy lemme tell ya, this music shreddin’.

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