PlayStation 5 SSDs Now Available For Highly Affordable Prices

You can now get a 2TB Gen 4 SSD for around about $150 instead of $300.

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  • You can now buy a Crucial NVMe PCIe 4.0 2TB SSD compatible with the PlayStation 5 for just $123.
  • Other deals have also significantly reduced the price of 2TB SSDs to around $150 from $300.
  • Hence, making the upgrade affordable for players.

PlayStation 5 came out with a new hardware innovation in the form of an internal SSD slot. You could buy third-party SSDs from different manufacturers and install them into your PS5 for extra storage. But, this process hasn’t been cheap since the console’s release as SSDs have been really expensive for a while.

However, the prices have been improving, and now you can easily afford an excellent PlayStation 5 SSD. A user on ResetEra informed us of one such deal that retails a 2TB Crucial SSD with 6600 MB/s sequential read speeds for just $123. Considering how these sold for $300 last year, this is a great price cut that makes the 2TB upgrade affordable.  

Buying SSDs for the PlayStation 5 has been a tricky business since the console launched in 2020. Sony not making any first-party SSDs and not all third-party SSDs being compatible with the console are key reasons for this complexity. As a result, players have opted for the more mid-range 1TB SSD while making upgrades to their consoles.

But, due to some remarkable new deals, PlayStation 5 owners can finally get 2TB SSDs at affordable prices. Prices have gone down from $300 plus to around about $150 since the start of this year. And, a new deal allows you to attain an SSD up to PlayStation 5 standards for under $150.

An offer on the SlickDeals website allows you to get the Crucial NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD for just $123. While buying a Solid State Drive for PlayStation 5, players need to adhere to the approved requirements. Being an NVMe PCIe Generation 4 SSD is one of them, and this $123 Crucial P5 Plus M.2 drive fulfills all of them.

PS5 SSD Deal
The Discounted PS5 SSD Deal

It also has a sequential read speed of 6660 MB/s, which is more than the advised speed of 5500 MB/s. Only the fastest SSDs have such numbers and you will be getting the best product with this $123 drive. An M.2 form factor is also present in this drive and makes it one of the fastest PlayStation 5 SSDs on the market.

Sony does recommend you buy a heatsink with your SSD and attach it to the drive. But, this won’t cost you a lot as this additional item is available for only $10. Hence, you will get an SSD worth $300 plus last year for just $123 right now with this deal.

You can also buy similar SSDs with a heavy-cut price if you don’t like this one. The WD Black Generation 4 2TB PCIe SSD is available on Amazon for just $159.99 and has a sequential read speed of 7300 MB/s. One other option is the Patriot Viper Gaming 2TB SSD on Amazon, which is available for a low price of $149.99.

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