YouTuber Gets Hands On The Original Spaceship-Designed PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

Macho Nacho Productions got his hands on the notorious PS5 dev Kit.

Consoles don’t look like their final release forms during the development cycle. They are in the form of a development kit that allows testers and devs to check out the console before release. The same is the case with the  PlayStation 5

The development kit for the console has been a long-standing figure in the gaming community. First, it was thought to be the final version of the PlayStation 5 after images leaked. But, after the release of the console, it became obvious it was just a dev kit. 

This dev kit was surprisingly present for sale on eBay in August of 2021. However before anyone could buy the PlayStation 5 dev kit, it disappeared from the website without any reason. Most probably Sony took the matter into its own hands but now, someone has finally given us a close-up look at this dev kit. 

Major Takeaway:

  • A YouTuber gave us our first close-up look at the PS5 dev kit.
  • It was a carbon copy of the leaked images everyone thought were the final PS5.
  • No games could be played on it as the dev kit expired.

YouTuber Macho Nacho Productions has got hold of a PlayStation 5 dev kit and gives us a detailed look at the console. He uploaded a video about this on his channel and will apparently upload more. Even though he didn’t explain where he got it from, it does look legit.


First, he talks about the features of this PlayStation 5 dev kit. At the front, there is a start/stand-by button, and a reset button but no disc drive. Some leaked images showed dev kits with a drive so maybe different versions of the kit exist. 

It also has an integrated digital display and 4 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port with a USB C port. The distinct V shape of the console is there for ventilation and screws hold the front. All of this combined with the back panel of outlet valves adds to the rough look of the PlayStation 5 dev kit.

The back of this dev kit further adds to the unique design. Vents give it a spaceship-like design with other obvious inlets like the power cord and ethernet cables. A secret door is also present and certain depressions on top tell us PlayStation 5 dev kits can be stacked.

Turning It On

When the YouTuber finally manages to turn it on, it starts up like a normal PS5. the integrated display shows info like IP address, network, DefaultGW, etc. After reaching the main menu screen of the PlayStation 5 dev kit, we see how it is different from the original.

There is a message at the top that shows that the Dev Kit is past its expiry date. A white-listed IP address from Sony and activation is necessary to use it. Hence, you cannot do much with it but we do see some info about the system like 2.46 TB storage.  

Macho Nacho tried loading some but this PlayStation 5 dev kit did not have much loaded in it. So, it was like a blank slate and not much could be done as connecting to the internet would ban it. Basically, this dev kit without activation is just a very cool collector’s item.

Secret Door

He did check out the secret door and the result was disappointing. Not much was behind the door, actually, nothing was behind the door. It was just an expansion space for a future SSD, but he did find a human hair. 

Even though we couldn’t see a lot of what the PlayStation 5 dev kit can do in this video, it’s cool to see it in action. All this time we thought it was a myth. But, we now know that this dev kit was actually a reality. 

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Macho Nacho Productions

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