Digital Foundry Analyst Affirms Returnal Imminent For A PC Release

The rumors grow thicker with each passing day.

If you relish dying a bundle of times in roguelike games, then Returnal is something you may enjoy the most. Known for its difficulty and franticness, Returnal is an atmospheric third-person shooter that executes psychological horror beautifully. The game is more than just you “die and try again” roguelike as it immerses you in its sci-fi world where the main character is stuck in a time loop.

The Returnal brings an interesting twist where deaths are remembered by the main protagonist, Selene. Although every death causes her to lose all her weapons and upgrades, keeping the players on edge to preserve her life. She often comments on the eerie environment around her and keeps every playthrough interesting. 

The frustratingly breath-taking experience has been exclusive to PlayStation 5, but rumors have whirred in the community that Returnal is headed for PC. During the inception of 2022, supposed footage of Returnal running on PC was leaked. The Returnal is also listed on Steam, but Sony revealed no release date leaving fans wondering when the game might be released.

Earlier today, the PC listing for Returnal was updated to show Steam Deck Support, hinting toward the game arriving on the powerful handheld. The title is slating to both Steam Deck and Steam, as the rumors have testified. However, Digital Foundry Analyst came forward in a Resetera thread to clear all the fog, confirming that the game was indeed heading to PC. 

Digital Foundry Analyst replying to comments regarding Returnal coming to PC.

Digital Foundry Analyst stated while replying to users who still believe that Returnal is not coming to PC, “I have literally seen it running on a PC lol.” Moreover, when he also answered a query regarding whether the game runs without stuttering, he responded with, “No promises.” The averse reply has led fans to believe that the game may not be in the perfect state as of now for a PC launch.

However, it still affirms that Returnal is planned for PC as some of the community believed otherwise. Perhaps the state of the game will improve in the near future. It’s safe to presume through the Nvidia leak and observations that many of Sony‘s first-party titles will eventually arrive on PC.

There are chances that Sony may reveal Returnal at the September PS showcase. Nevertheless, Sony may reveal Returnal for PC even sooner in a short announcement. The community is eagerly anticipating for Housemarque or Sony to drop the official announcement at this point since practically everything has leaked via data mining.

What are your thoughts regarding the affirmation by the Digital Foundry Analyst? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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