Elden Ring Loading Faster On PS5 Than Xbox Series X

Load times in Elden Ring on the Xbox Series X are more than twice as much as the ones on the PlayStation 5, recent performance review shows.

Elden Ring is the latest buzz in the gaming community. The gossip regarding the title has been heard globally in the gaming community. The game is living up to expectations, well, for the most part. The stats reflect the ominous light that the game is emitting to overshadow the gaming industry. However, not all is sunshine and rainbows. The title is not free of criticism and community fuss.

Elden Ring is struggling from a technical standpoint. The loading times and the notorious bugs have resulted in Steam player reviews falling on the negative spectrum. The game is performing better on next-gen consoles, though the difference, such as the loading times between the PS5 and Xbox Series X, is still noticeable and may change your decision to buy the game on the latter one. 

There’s a fundamental distinction between loading times among both consoles. As emphasized in IGN’s recent performance review video, players on PS5 will experience a short amount of loading times compared to those on Xbox Series X. Perhaps, some players will appreciate the long loading screens to read tips required to traverse the dangerous monster-ridden dungeons. Moreover, the title mourns from observable framerate dips on both next-gen consoles.

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IGN’s testing detected the average loading time to be around 7 seconds on PS5. On the other hand, Xbox Series X could make you gaze upon the loading screen for as long as 20 seconds. The loading time here consists of booting the game from the main menu. In contrast, the average loading speed was 12 seconds to get back into strife after an inevitable death. 

These numerals are rare for loading times in next-gen. However, they are not a big deal for most games. In Dying Light 2, for instance, players can traverse a long way hunting zombies with bad posture without dying. On the other hand, Elden Ring is immaculate in its difficulty; one is to die a lot of times. It is Souls-like, after all. 

The surprising part is that the Xbox Series X was initially benchmarked to have better loading times than the PS5, according to tests by GameSpot. The article covered five games and the loading times between both consoles in each of them. 

Elden Ring has garnered twice the amount of concurrent Steam players of all the Dark Soul games combined. Despite a shaky launch, Elden Ring has received 10/10 scores from major reviewers for gameplay and art direction. It is worthy of being the successor of previous Souls-like games. The developers have responded to the bugs that plague the game. They are to get them fixed in upcoming patches.

What are your thoughts regarding the loading times? Are you optimistic that the bugs will improve in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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