A Hacker Has Already Jailbroken The PlayStation 5

It has hardly been an year since the PlayStation 5 has launched into the market but a hacker by the name of fail0verflow has already managed to get past Sony’s security systems on the PS5. Just this morning, the hacker posted a screenshot of him managing to get into debug controls of the PS5, something that is usually only reserved for the PS5 dev kits. 

PlayStation 5 Jailbroken
PlayStation 5 Hacked

fail0verflow is renowned in the hacking community as he is known for his work on hacking other Sony consoles as well. This includes not only consoles like the VITA but also the PS3 and the PS4. In a follow up tweet, Andy Nguyen, aka “theflow0″ has said that he has no plans to make the hack public nor has he given an ETA as to when that might happen. As to the legitimacy of this claim, Nguyen posted a screenshot on twitter shared directly from his PlayStation 5 that showed the option of Debug Settings.

It is pretty surprising to see that the PlayStation 5 has already been hacked this early into its lifecycle and speaks a lot about Sony’s security measures. Though in many cases companies usually offer rewards to hackers for exposing the flaws in their security as it helps them bolster their security even more. 

Consoles getting jailbroken late into their lifecycle is a pretty common occurrence, heck, half the reason the VITA’s name isn’t a lesson in irony already is because its been kept alive by a hyper dedicated community of modders. The PS VITA is still valued by so many people today due to its potential as an emulation beast that lets it run not only the entirety of the PSP’s phenomenal library but also the PS1 and various other consoles as well. The VITA is also the most modern way to play an official release of Metal Gear Solid 1,2 and 3, so I think that boosts its worth by a solid 100 points on its own.  

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