Sony’s New Patent Points To Bright Future For Ray-Tracing

Sony's latest patent highlights the potential future for ray-tracing technology

Over time, video games have experienced improvements in all possible regards, such as storytelling and the size of in-game maps. However, most would agree that the most considerable improvement in video games is the visual upgrades. It has become almost impossible to discern between images of real-life and some big AAA titles, and Sony is one of the leading goliaths in enhancing the graphics of video games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently registered a new patent that indicates the possible emergence of optimizations for ray-tracing technology. Sony files patents left and right, and sometimes they don’t amount to anything, but this one is riveting to see. The gamers are remarkably prescient concerning the future of ray-tracing — credit to Onion00048 for bringing this to our attention.

The tweet reveals the details regarding the patent; the pictures appear to be ancient spells waiting to be deciphered. However, they contain monumental information regarding the patent. It’s worth mentioning that these patents are not always used; perhaps this will be left to collect dust. However, the said patent was filed by none other than Mark Cerny, the brainiac mind behind Playstation 4 and 5. It’s unlikely for this essential patent to be left unused.

Ray-tracing is one of the numerous innovative traits that PS5 is qualified to offer over its precursor. We’re witnessing a lot more now that developers offer dedicated performance modes that include RT visuals. Most AAA titles utilize the power of this technology to some extent. The next generation of Playstation is planning to tame the unstable source further.

All in all, the community has theorized possibilities the patent upholds in forums like Reddit. The community speculates that the patent points to an improvement in ray-tracing technology. On the other hand, one party has claimed that this generation of consoles is not ready for ray tracing just yet. The PlayStation 5 and next-gen PS consoles could also benefit from such a solution sooner or later.

What are your thoughts regarding the patent? Do you see ray tracing becoming more prevalent in the current generation? Let us know in the comments below.

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