A Tomba! Remaster Might Be Happening

A new Trademark filing suggests that a new game is on the agenda

For those who don’t know about it, Tomba! is a PlayStation cult classic. The game gave a mediocre return when it was first released in 1997. But, it gained a huge fan following years after its original launch and also got a sequel in 1999 with Tomba! 2. The first Tomba! game also got re-released on the PlayStation Network in 2011. Hence, the platform game has maintained a massive fan base over the years. And, the fans will be happy to know that a brand new game from the series might be coming soon.

BBG Entertainment has trademarked Tomba! according to two new filings. These trademarks got registered in October and December last year, only a few months ago. The two registrations were for the United States and Europe regions. This indicates that some new thing from the series is coming as these renewals aren’t commonplace.

The Goods and Services statement detail all the things included in this trademark. It includes everything from gaming software to hardware discs relating to the Tomba! series. Interestingly both the filings also includes ownership of “computer game software for use with online interactive games.” This is one gripping aspect of this trademark as Tomba! is a platform adventure and not an online game. But, maybe BBG will also include some online-based features in the game.

BBG Entertainment GmbH owns the trademark according to the filings and both are in their name. The company is a mobile game developer and has made some side-scrolling platform games. This developer is based in Munich and is the creation of Stephan Berendsen, the founder of Living Mobile. Berendsen and Living Mobile made a lot of famous mobile games for Resident Evil, Street Fighter and other Japanese products before Disney bought them. In short, Berendsen and BBG Entertainment now have the rights to create a new Tomba! game if they want.

Even with this trademark news, we aren’t sure what this means for the Tomba! series. Some speculate that it could just be put on Sony’s new game pass but this is a patent filing and has nothing to do with that. The most obvious answer is a remake of the two games for the new generation. However, as of now, this is only conjecture and nothing more.

The Tomba! games are playable on the PS3 right now, as they saw a 2011 re-release on the PlayStation Network. But, no current-gen or next-gen console has this fun side-scrolling adventure. So, a Tomba! game for the modern-day can be a very good idea. The game has the nostalgia factor to back it up and is great fan service, too, as the players have wanted this for a long time. It’s also a really enjoyable platform game at its core so this remaster seems like a no-brainer. On the other hand, nothing is certain and this is just a trademark filing. We can only hope to see a Tomba! game in the near future.

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