Ghost Recon Breakpoint Save Files Disappearing On Google Stadia

"My ancient profile disappeared and the game created a new one for me."

Just in; sometime today, Google Stadia players started noticing that their Ghost Recon Breakpoint save files were completely gone. Tygrysek199620, a Google Stadia player, first reported the problem in a thread on the Google Stadia community forum.

In the thread, the user wrote, “Hi, today I launched my ghost recon breakpoint, and it was as if I was playing for the first time. My ancient profile disappeared, and the game created a new one for me. What’s going on?”

At first, it seemed that this was some type of a bug faced by only a few Google Stadia players, but more and more players kept reporting the same problem. The players in the comments section were devasted by the loss and kept complaining about the hours lost in the save file.

Some players had invested more than 40 hours, while others had hundreds of hours. Many players are also letting lose their frustration on r/Stadia. The post had well over a hundred comments and more than 200 upvotes.

Today, users of Stadia’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint had all their saved progress wiped away, due to an unknown issue. This has seriously eroded my confidence in Stadia. from Stadia

On both Reddit and the Google Stadia Forum, company officials have taken note of the problem. While addressing the issue, an employee, JamesFromGoogle, on the Google Stadia forum said that they have escalated the issue to a higher authority and will keep the players updated.

However, it has been over 28 hours and no update has been reported on Reddit or the Google Stadia forum. Players are getting even more frustrated as time passes, and one can not blame them. While replying to the employee, one player stated, “Hey “JamesFromGoogle” – almost 23hrs have gone by. I think people would at least appreciate an update. Thanks.”

At this point, players are just hoping for the retrieval of their Ghost Recon Breakpoint save files, so all their time, effort, and energy doesn’t go to waste. The situation seems dire, but chances are that Google will fix the save files and players will once again get to continue their ventures in-game.

Are you facing this issue on Stadia? Do let us know below!

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