Steam Had Almost One New Buyer In Every Second Throughout 2022

The platform had 83,000 new purchasers every day, with the autumn sale getting 134 new customers every minute.

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  • In 2022, Steam had 83k new first-time purchasers every day, equating to almost 1 new buyers every second.
  • The Autumn sale had 1.4 million new customers in a week, with 134 new users buying a game every minute.
  • Steam also delivered 44.7 exabytes of data in 2022, which is enough to let all 8 billion people download a 5.5GB game on their devices.

Steam is arguably the biggest marketplace for video games on PC. Even though it has had its fair share of competitors in the past few years, it has kept breaking records. Valve recently announced that the platform got to a new high of 33 million concurrent users at the end of 2022.

New stats from Steam’s 2022 Year In Review have revealed that the platform had almost one new buyer every second.

To be precise, 83,000 accounts purchased something for the first time every day, meaning it had 83k new customers daily. Steam’s Autumn 2022 sale had 134 new customers every minute, with 1.4 million accounts making their first-ever purchase.

Steam purchaser
Steam daily buyers

Competitors like the Epic Game Store have put up a challenge for the store. But, it has remained the leader in meeting the PC gaming demands of consumers for the most part. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Steam is the leader of digital game distribution stores.

One key reason for the popularity of the platform is its seasonal sales that heavily discount games. Not only do they offer AAA games at extremely low prices, but they also drive new consumers to Steam. As a result of this accessibility to games, the digital store keeps setting new records every year.

2022 again proved that as the video game distributor again broke its previous records. It reached a new high of concurrent users last year, with 33 million logged-in accounts playing games at the same time. But, the number of purchasers who bought games on Steam last year was even more impressive.

YouTube video

According to Steam’s Year In Review 2022, 83k new customers bought something every single day. Hence, the digital store had 83,000 brand-new buyers on a daily basis. When you convert this figure to seconds, this stat becomes truly remarkable.

Per second, 0.96 new accounts purchased something on Steam throughout 2022. This is almost one new customer every second for a whole year, which is a remarkable figure. A day has 86,400 seconds and we got these numbers by dividing the daily figure by the total seconds.

In the Steam Autumn sale, these numbers were even higher. During this week-long sale, the platform had a staggering 1.4 million new buyers. So, almost one and a half million accounts made their first purchase during the sale, which went on for a week.

Steam Autumn Sale
Steam Autumn Sale metrics.

Compared to 2021’s Autumn sales week, this was a very substantial 27% increase. Every minute, the 2022 Autumn sale brought in 134 new buyers to Steam. In seconds, this is 2.2 accounts making a purchase for the first time every second for a week, which is extraordinary.

Hence, the sales season was again a very big success for Steam in 2022. The digital store owned by Valve also delivered a record amount of content last year. Players downloaded an exorbitant 44.7 exabytes of data in 2022 from Steam.

Steam content delivery
Steam content delivery

Compared to 2021, this content delivery was up 36%, again reaching new highs. To sum this number up in layman’s terms, 44.7 exabytes is equal to the data all 8 billion people on Earth would need to download a 5.5GB game. So, it’s safe to say a lot of people buy and play games on Steam.

Valve also made a lot of changes to Steam this year, including updates to the Steam Library and the addition of Genre Hubs. There is a reason why so many users prefer Steam over other digital video game marketplaces. Do you think the platform will stay on top of the digital PC storefront food chain? Tell us in the comments below.

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Steam Year In Review 2022

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