VR Headsets’ Sales Ranking Shows Oculus Quest 2 Reigning Supreme

Definite sales indicate that the true competitor for newer headsets like the PSVR2 is the Oculus Quest 2.

Story Highlights

  • With the release of the PSVR2, the definitive sales of all major VR headsets have been revealed.
  • The highest-selling headset is unsurprisingly the Meta Quest 2.
  • The PSVR has had only 5 million total sales (as of 2020).

With the increasing popularity of VR headsets and the hype that some of its amazing games like Half-Life: Alyx have had on the community, here we arrive to see which VR headsets have had the most noticeable impact, and unsurprisingly, the one at the top of the list as reported by New World Notes with over 17 million headsets sold lies the outstanding Oculus Quest 2.

This accumulates to over $700 million worth of sales in Q4 2022. Although the overall amount of revenue depends upon seasonal sales and hype that has stayed from launch till now, this value is still the estimated total. The Oculus Quest 2 has been raking in enough money for it to still be supported wholeheartedly, even to this day.

In the second place, we have something many people won’t expect, the Google Cardboard, although the product has been officially discontinued by Google and has been open-sourced for everyone. Google decided to move away from the project after seeing a decline in use and sales.

According to The Verge, Google did say that they shipped over 15 million units worldwide, but with the rise of the Oculus and PSVR, it was easy to see that the time for older hardware to meet its end was near. From here on, we see multiple contenders take many spots.

The Samsung Gear took the 3rd spot on this list which was the king of VR content for a time until the plug was pulled. This could be due to it being a relatively cheaper piece than the others in its category. Reports indicate the sales going as high as 8 million units sold worldwide.

Samsung Gear
Samsung Gear

One important piece of this ranking is the PS VR. The PS VR takes up the 4th slot and according to an official blog post by Sony, the hardware sold over 5 million copies as of 2020. Sony has not given much of an update after this, and with the release of the PS VR 2, they probably will not either.

PlayStation VR

The virtual and augmented reality market has been growing in recent years, with several popular headsets available for players. Some of the other mainstream headsets include Google’s Daydream, HTC’s VR family, Oculus Rift family, Oculus Go, and Oculus Quest 1, Nintendo Labo, TCL’s Alcatel VR, Valve Index, and Microsoft’s Hololens

These are among the most well-known headsets on the market and these devices have collectively sold millions of units to date. Although they may not get their time in the spotlight again, they surely paved the way for the future generation. With many new headsets sets to release before the end of the year and the mediocre hype, it is safe to say that this current ranking will not be affected in any manner, at least not for some time.

Although the PSVR 2 is expected to break 1 million sales, there still is not any official announcement from Sony. With all this being said, headsets don’t seem to be impacting the industry, and this can be seen from the results of Metaverse, but it will definitely cause some uproar and hype from future communities.

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