Sony Reveals Mocopi, Wearable Motion Trackers For The Metaverse

The new tech works with smartphones and mimics an avatar's moves

Sony is popular for being one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. But, it is much more than that and is a conglomerate that makes phones, movies, and much more. Now, it has released its most recent innovation in the form of “Mocopi” which are 6 wearable motion trackers which animate your avatar’s movements. 

Mocopi is Sony’s dive into the Metaverse craze as these 6 motion trackers will translate your movement into your avatar. These motion sensors will attach to different parts of your body and mimic your actions.

Major Takeaways: 

  • Sony has revealed “Mocopi”, 6 motion tracking discs that will translate your movements into your Metaverse avatar.
  • Mocopi is compatible with iPhone and Xperia, weighs 48 grams, and will release in January 2023 in Japan.
  • The $360 motion trackers are Sony’s innovation for the Metaverse.

Sony Japan first announced the motion trackers on their Twitter page. A video showing a guideline on how to operate the system was released alongside the Tweet. The process is very easy and Mocopi abolishes the need to buy very expensive equipment for motion capture.

YouTube video

Mocopi will be priced at $360, which is a low cost compared to other Metaverse devices. Sony is marketing the motion trackers to YouTubers and other developers, as this allows them to create content cost-effectively. Hence, expanding the Metaverse and similar services to a larger audience. 

There are 6 parts in the Mocopi device, which are 6 wearable discs that come in a charging case. One strap-on is worn around the head, two around your wrist, another two on your ankles, and one sensor is latched to the hips. Hence, Five of these come with a strap and one is a latch-on sensor.

Mocopi weighs 48 grams and is compatible with two smartphone devices, iPhone and Xperia. So, the Sony motion trackers will bring the 3D Metaverse experience straight to your phones. Not only is Mocopi cheap, but it is also convenient.

An app comes along with the device, which helps you pair them to your body. Mocopi captures your action and translates them into the movements of your avatar. The app records all of your videos in MP4 format, motion data records your movements, and you can change anything from background to avatars.

You will be able to buy these motion trackers from January of 2023. But, only people in Japan will be able to buy it for now. A Software Development Kit(SDK) is launching in December for Metaverse and 3D software development. 

New developments in technology are nothing new and we see them all the time. But, so many of the companies working towards one medium signals an industrial shift. Sony has already announced the PlayStation VR2, another virtual reality asset that expects to sell a lot.

Slowly but surely, a lot of the industry is moving toward the VR future that everyone thinks is a certainty. Everybody loves the newer and shinier thing, and that seems like the attitude of companies towards the Metaverse. Sony’s Mocopi just gives us a cheaper way of diving into the Metaverse. 

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