PSVR 2 Expected To Sell 3.6 Million Headsets In 2 Years

Technology and research group Omdia released this info in their study of the market.

In an industry like gaming, technological advancements are an everyday thing. Newer more efficient technology takes the place of less shiny gadgets. That is what everyone expected to happen when Virtual Reality first became a thing, but that hasn’t been the case. 

Many still project that VR Headsets will be the future of the industry but their rise has been a bit slow. A lot of factors like the price point and only a few AAA games have contributed to this. However, that does not mean that Virtual Reality is not selling well. 

Headsets like the Oculus Quest and PSVR have been gaining traction for a long time. With the release of PSVR 2 imminent, the market share of virtual reality will only increase. A research company has predicted how many units the headset will sell, and the results are good.

Major Takeaways:

  • PSVR 2 is expected to sell 3.6 million units after 2 years of its release.
  • Meta Quest headsets have the major market share with almost 76% of headsets sold being from the company.
  • 90% of people use VR for gaming.

PSVR 2 will sell 3.6 million headsets within 2 years of its release according to a prediction. Technological research and advisory group Omdia is responsible for conducting this study. And, the PlayStation VR headset will sell more than its predecessor according to this research. 

PSVR sold 3 million headsets within its first 2 years of release, so PSVR 2’s numbers are an improvement. If the headset sells according to predictions, it will have an expected attach rate of 7% among PlayStation 5 owners. Even though it’s not a huge increase, Sony has complete confidence in the product. 

On the other hand, Meta Quest sales will reach a total of 20 million cumulative sales by 2022. The headset is the biggest VR ecosystem on the planet according to Omdia. It sold 76% of the total headsets sold in 2022, having the dominant market share. 

However, the global adoption of VR is still far away according to the research. By 2027, almost 72 million headsets will be in use which is much lower than other tech devices. 6 billion smartphones, 3 billion PCs, and 250 million consoles will be active, easily beating out VR headsets. 

Gaming constitutes the biggest use of Virtual Reality headsets. Almost 90% of people use a VR headset for gaming with social VR apps playing a huge part. VR Chat, Rec Room, and Meta’s Horizon Worlds use games as an integral component, making them a big part of the future.

Even with a myriad of economic challenges, the VR market continued to grow this year. Omdia expects 12.5 million headsets to be sold in 2022 and $1.6 billion to be spent on VR content. So, even though VR domination won’t be here for a while, it’s doing pretty well for itself.

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