2 Million PlayStation VR2 Units Are In Production For 2023

The company has increased production of the console with a rumored 2023 release.

Virtual Reality is arguably going to be the future of the gaming industry. Many people believe it will take over the medium of video games in some time. But, there isn’t much proof to prove that in the present. 

VR gaming is slowly becoming more popular among gamers as more people are buying into it. However, it is no way near replacing the experience of the traditional consoles and PCs. They are still more common and VR is having a difficult time displacing their dominance.

One of the main VR Headsets is the PlayStation VR headset from Sony. The sequel to the headset got an official announcement earlier this year with the name PlayStation VR2. The gaming world is looking forward to this headset in anticipation and apparently, Sony is ramping up production. 

Major Takeaways: 

  • Sony has increased production for PlayStation VR2.
  • 2 million units are in production for March 2023.
  • These numbers are one-third of PlayStation VR’s lifetime sales.

Sony plans to make at least 2 million PlayStation VR2 consoles by March 2023 as they increase production. A new report from Bloomberg tells us about this very ambitious number from the gaming giant. When you compare it to the numbers of PlayStation VR, it looks even riskier. 

It took the original PlayStation VR more than a year to sell that many units of the headset. The Sony headset only hit the 1 million sales landmark 8 months after its release. And, all of this was before the economic recession that came after the Corona Virus.

So, it’s safe to say that this production plan from Sony is truly bold. The article from Bloomberg also says that the production of the console started in September of this year. PlayStation VR2 has also faced no supply chain or production problems and we know it will release with Horizon Call of the Mountain and some other games.

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Not only is this number crazy concerning the original PlayStation VR but also the current world climate as well. A lot of countries and the more populous regions of the world are going through an economic downturn. Hence, expecting such numbers of sales from the PlayStation VR2 is too big a leap of faith.

These production numbers are also 1/3rd of the lifetime sales of PlayStation VR, So, even if Sony expects to sell these two million units in more than half a year, it is a brave approach. Bloomberg does say that the company might slow production of PlayStation VR2 if numbers aren’t good after the release next year.

It also has no release date as of yet and we don’t even have a price. But, PlayStation VR2 will probably release in January or February of next year if we estimate from the Bloomberg report. Hopefully, this headset is the rise of VR gaming we all think is going to come.

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