Battletoads Developer Hiring For Unannounced Project In “Much Loved IP”

Dlala Studios, the developer behind the quite well-received beat 'em up video game, Battletoads, is working on an unannounced project based on an "established and much loved IP".

Today, when players talk about the toughest games around, you can be sure that the obvious choice would be Souls titles, especially the newly released Elden Ring. However, this was not always the case. In the days of yore, the Battletoads franchise was often considered to be one of the toughest, if not the toughest game around. Released in 1991 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and developed by Rare Limited, the developers behind the cult classic 007 game, GoldenEye 007 (another title fans have wanted a remake or remaster of for years), and Sea of Thieves more recently.

The beat-em-up video game was a hit and spawned a few sequels; however, the series went dormant after its 1994 release of Battletoads Arcade, until 2020, when the series was rebooted by Dlala Studios, with assistance and supervision from Rare Limited. The result was a modern take on the series with newer visuals, music, online multiplayer, and such, that retained the spirit of the past games as well. While the game was pretty successful, the developer has since remained silent, and neither Microsoft nor Dlala Studios have commented on whether there are going to be any more games in the series.

While we were unaware of what was going on at Dlala Studios, we might have a hint. Earlier today, we came across a recent job listing that Dlala Studios had published on its website for the Gameplay Programmer – Unity C# position. The description for the job listing reads, “We are looking for Gameplay Programmers to join our tech team on an unannounced new project, working on an established and much loved IP.”

Job listing for the Gameplay Programmer – Unity C# position at Dlala Studios.

The job listing explicitly states that the “unannounced new project” is supposedly an “established and much loved IP.” Battletoads certainly fits the bill, however, these facts alone are not enough. Moreover, Key Requirements and Core Skills, along with Required Industry Experience, repeatedly demand experience with the Unity game engine, particularly Unity development for consoles. Battletoads (2020), too, was not just a PC title but was released on Xbox consoles as well. Moreover, the game was also built using the Unity game engine.

While these facts may point towards this unannounced project being a new Battletoads installment, we can not be certain until further concrete details are revealed. After the last one, players have surely been impatiently waiting for the next outing, but whether this is it, nobody knows, as the developer, as well as Microsoft and Rare Limited, are completely silent regarding the matter. One thing is for sure though, given Dlala Studios’ work on the previous game, people sure will be excited for its next project, whether it is the next entry in the Battletoads franchise or not.

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