Bing Apparently Adding Direct “Play” Feature For Xbox Games

A feature in the works, perhaps?

Bing has been used as a default search engine for the Xbox’s built-in configuration since as early as 2014,   similar to how Bing is incorporated into other Microsoft goods like the Edge browser and Windows operating system.

In other words, while Bing was present on Xbox, it primarily operated in the background. By 2020, Microsoft released a Bing search software for Xbox that gives gamers some intriguing device combinations.

The release of a dedicated app enhanced already available functionality and added more Bing functions to Xbox. Xbox users can search the web, see trending articles, and more from their gaming console using the Microsoft Bing app.

Anyway, as of right now and most recently, Bing has a fantastic function. It appears that Bing and Xbox’s partnership is flourishing thanks to this truly incredible feature. 

First spotted by Klobrille, there is now a highly noticeable “Play” button that allows you to launch the game in your browser right away when you search for games on Bing and that game is also available through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

On Bing, when you search for a game that is currently available through Game Pass, a link to begin playing it right away on XCloud is provided.

Take a look at the screenshots below; the concept already appears to be fantastic.

Fortnite search results on Bing
Fortnite search results on Bing

Minecraft Dungeons is another top favorite. Well, Bing has the “Play” option for that too.

Minecraft Dungeons search result on Bing
Minecraft Dungeons search result on Bing

Just get set up and start playing the game right away without waiting for anything.

Forza Horizon 5 search result on Bing
Forza Horizon 5 search result on Bing

With that, as Halo Infinite is currently at its best, Bing also makes it more appealing by changing the search bar’s background to match the game’s theme. Frankly, that looks awesome.

Halo Infinite search result on Bing
Halo Infinite search result on Bing

The search background theme is also available for some other games like Sea of Thieves and Deathloop. The idea is on the whole very well received and appreciated by the users. Check out a few of the Twitter comments we gathered.

Insanely cool feature,” says @princeinve while replying to a related thread.

Xbox making big brain moves!“, comes from @hopsonxbox on Twitter.

While Google Stadia announced its closure in January 2023, some users pointed out that the feature was already available on Stadia in Google search. But as Stadia will shut down, the feature no more will be of use.

As for xCloud, Microsoft’s front-running cloud-based gaming service, the developers are making strides in order to keep the business model sustainable. It’s available in multiple countries too, such as Argentina, Germany, Hungary, Iran,, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

However, using VPN services, gamers from unsupported nations have managed to get through. You must have a GamePass Ultimate subscription in order to play xCloud.

Nevertheless, a VPN is required to access streaming services for gaming. Whether it’s a Windows 10 app, a web app, or an Android app. You won’t be able to access it if your IP is not accepted.

How do you feel about this incredible feature? Tell us in the comments.

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