Daniyal Sultan Malik

Daniyal is a Guides Writer and Editor at eXputer with over one year of experience in content writing. He's had a passion for tech and gaming for more than 15 years. Ever since his first console, the PS2, he's constantly branching off to different genres, and his go-to at the moment is the Souls experience pioneered by FromSoftware, which is evident by his 1,500+ hours of game time on Elden Ring. You can learn some more about Daniyal's gaming journey on his Steam & Xbox profiles.

Experience: 1+ Years || Mainly Covers Guides || Education: Bachelors in Computer Sciences.

Most Played Games
  • 2500+ Hours in Valorant.
  • 1500+ Hours in Elden Ring.
  • 800+ Hours in DOOM Eternal.
  • 700+ Hours in Dragon Ball FighterZ.
  • 500+ Hours in Forza Horizon 5.
Gaming History
Daniyal's love for gaming began when he started playing movie-based games and Cricket '07 on the PS2 when he was about 7 years old.
Gaming Platforms
PS4, Gaming Laptop (Dell G5 5500) & PC (RTX 3070 and Core i5-12400F)
291 Articles