Naqib Ahmad

Naqib is a Guides Writer at eXputer. He is a passionate gamer and a die-hard anime fan since a very young age. Now, after gaining 15+ years of gaming experience and spending more than 5,000 hours on Valorant, Naqib creates content based on his firsthand knowledge of the most recent video games! You can further follow his gaming activities on his Steam profile.

Experience: 1+ years || Mainly covers Guides || Education: Bachelors in Software Engineering.

Most Played Games
  • 5000+ Hours in Valorant.
  • 2000+ hours in PUBG.
  • 1000+ hours in Call of Duty.
  • 300+ hours in Assassin's Creed Franchise.
Gaming History
Naqib started his gaming journey back in 2007 when he got a PC and has been obsessed with first person shooters ever since.
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