10 Features We Wish To See In GTA 6, Featuring Character Aging

GTA 6 is coming in 2025, and there's no better time to be excited about Rockstar's next grand venture.

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  • GTA 6 is the next step for Rockstar’s long-running Grand Theft Auto franchise. 
  • The game is coming more than a decade after Grand Theft Auto 5, the current latest game.
  • A ton of expectations are attached to the title, including real-time aging, lifelike driving, and more.

The hype around GTA 6 need not be elaborated, but just for reference’s sake, the game’s mere 1-and-a-half-minute teaser trailer gathered more than 117 million views in two days, thereby breaking previous YouTube records just like that. Even more so, the tweet that announced GTA 6’s trailer dropping on December 5 rapidly became the most-liked gaming tweet in history. Talk about that for a minute.

As such, the whole world has gathered tremendous expectations from Rockstar’s forthcoming iteration in the GTA franchise, and since we’re been in the industry for a while too, here are some of the features that we want GTA 6 to have. They’re not too outlandish, of course, but it all depends on how much Rockstar is willing to listen to fan feedback.

The following video should provide a clear overview as to what these features are and how their application is worth pursuing in GTA 6

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10 Of The Best Features GTA 6 Needs To Have 

The following entries detail the best features that GTA 6 could benefit from. Read until the end for the best results. 

1. Dynamic Character Customization

CJ Hitting the Gym to Put on Some Muscle
CJ Hitting the Gym to Put on Some Muscle

First up, we’ve got something that’s totally not blowing the expectations out of proportion, but rather just an elevated focus on the character customization this time around in a GTA game. Sure, you could pimp your protagonists out in the previous titles, give them a haircut, change their clothes, etc., but with GTA 6, it would be amazing to have an element of dynamism factoring into play. 

For starters, your character wouldn’t be able to get a new haircut for some time after just getting one, insinuating that it actually took a while for them to grow their hair back. In addition, the amount of food you consume would influence your weight and therefore dramatically change the appearance of the protagonist. For those who missed it, GTA: San Andreas actually implemented this feature across the board. 

2. Realistic Driving Physics 

Car Damage Physics in GTA 4
Car Damage Physics in GTA 4

Take a swift look online and you’ll easily see how a vast number of people are all conforming to the notion that GTA 5’s driving isn’t really up to par. I mean, the game itself is great, sure, but in this particular aspect, players were left wanting more. Even more so, GTA 4, the sixth main entry in the GTA franchise from 2008, featured better driving physics according to the community, allowing players to actually feel the weight of the car as they drove it across Liberty City. 

With GTA 6, one of the major improvements we ask for is driving physics that lean more toward realism. Learn a thing or two from GTA 4 perhaps, which even featured terrific damage/ragdoll physics as well, especially when you do airtime with your vehicle.  

3. More Combat Variety

Learning a New Fight Move in GTA San Andreas
Learning a New Fight Move in GTA: San Andreas

Playing through GTA 5, one can easily say that the game’s combat system is in dire need of improvement. The moves are repetitive, and there’s just no fun in brawling a couple of people after a while. Again, we’ll have to quote GTA: San Andreas for this specific point—a title that along with featuring a mechanic for increasing or decreasing CJ’s weight, also let the player learn new combat moves. 

More particularly, you could have the protagonist switching up his fighting style a whopping three different times, going from Boxing to Muay Thai and even Kung Fu. We’re not asking for anything too much, just a little variation in the mix that could make 1v1’s entertaining and compelling in GTA 6. “When you realize that there’s more fighting mechanics in a 2004 game than GTA 5,” says @Miltypooh2001.

4. Better Ragdoll Physics 

There have been rumblings that GTA 6 will employ a polished version of Rockstar’s in-house game development engine RAGE, so expecting more from it in the direction of life-like ragdoll physics isn’t too far-fetched. GTA 5’s ragdoll feature hasn’t received a ton of praise to be exact, and here’s hoping that GTA 6 can switch that up drastically, given how Rockstar is apparently getting the hang of it now. 

That is to say, Red Dead Redemption 2, the sequel to the first Red Dead that came out in 2018 — several years after GTA 5 — features one of the best ragdoll systems in the realm of AAA games. Commenting under the following thread, Uncle_Boppi notes, “It’s weirdly satisfying when you knock someone over and they hit their head on a rock and die. Can’t wait to see how GTA VI does it.”

[Red Dead Redemption 2] One of the best ragdoll system.
byu/AnKaSkA inGamePhysics

5. A Solid Story Mode

"Trust" – A Passionate Sequence in the GTA 6 Teaser Trailer
“Trust” – A Passionate Sequence in the GTA 6 Teaser Trailer

Let’s face it—Rockstar has always emphasized how brilliant it is at crafting top-notch storylines for its games. Take a look at the Red Dead franchise, and the earlier Grand Theft Auto games, and it becomes increasingly hard not to get intertwined in the affairs of their respective protagonists. Now, thanks to the reveal trailer, we already know that Lucia and Jason are taking the spotlight this time around in enticing Bonnie and Clyde fashion, but how are things going to end here? 

Hopefully not with a choice to either kill Lucia or Jason at the end of the storyline. So, just like always, we expect a carefully designed story from GTA 6, one that’ll keep us campaign mode lovers hooked to the title despite the overly abundant offerings of its would-be online mode in the name of GTA Online. 

6. Character Aging

Concept Photo of Trevor Aging (Credit: Joe.co.uk)
Concept Photo of Trevor Aging (Credit: Joe.co.uk)

In a now-removed post on X, it’s been claimed that GTA 6 will feature a revolutionary aging system that will age the protagonist as you play the game. I’m not sure how will this be implemented in real-time as players go through the single-player or online modes, but the prospect sure is mind-blowing to perceive. If true, fans would love to have this particular feature in the game; the added element of realism would make GTA 6 all the more enjoyable. 

Red Dead Redemption 2, arguably the greatest open-world game ever made, features a mechanic that automatically grows Arthur’s facial hair over time, thereby compelling you to visit a barber sooner or later. GTA 6 is likely to kick things up a notch in this regard, provided that the developer has already started incorporating some of what we expect from it. 

7. Randomly Explorable Buildings

One of the biggest gripes that people had from GTA 5 despite it being a fully explorable open-world game … was the lack of enough explorable freedom. Of course, the map size is humongous, and there are a lot of places to go, but all that feels a bit usual if I’d dare say. There’s just something else about knowing that you can walk into most buildings and expect a novel, unique interior. 

This hinges on the border of asking too much, but the emphasis on this particular feature is found more in GTA 4 than it is in GTA 5, so there’s that. Coming more than 12 years after the previous title, GTA 6 has the perfect opportunity to go all out.  

8. Environment Diversity

Mount Chiliad in GTA 5
Mount Chiliad in GTA 5

GTA 5 has the biggest map out of any other game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, with GTA: San Andreas taking second spot in the list. With this feat, one would expect the map to also be dense and detailed to a certain extent, and that stands true in the case of GTA 5. It’s got deserts, multiple water bodies, mountains, and an array of other biomes.

With GTA 6, people want more and not of the same stuff. Commenting on a thread in a post on Reddit, “I hope the map has more variety, like multiple islands, not necessarily BIGGER than V, just with more variation. I’d be glad if they go back to find a ‘sweet spot’ between the gritty seriousness of IV and the upbeat summer action movie that is V.” 

9. Destructible Environments

Destruction in Just Cause 3 is Insane
Destruction in Just Cause 3 is Insane (Credit: Kwebbelcop) 

Perhaps Rockstar could learn a thing or two from the Just Cause or Red Factions IP in terms of all-out mayhem and environment destruction for its next iteration? GTA 5 was a bit lax on featuring this specific element, subjecting only traffic poles, fences, and a couple of other lightweight objects to getting wrecked up. With GTA 6, we want the developer to go the next level and make a higher level of environment wreckage possible.

10. Vigilante Missions

Vigilante Missions in GTA 3
Vigilante Missions in GTA 3

If you’ve been following the GTA series for a while now, then you probably already know how GTA 3 was the first game in the franchise to introduce Vigilante Missions to the mix. These are timed, specific objectives that the protagonist has to complete in order to pass the mission. Sometimes, you have to take out a certain someone, and in other scenarios, a crime area needs wiping out.

Highly fun, adrenaline-fueled, and basically an additional way to kill time in the mainline story mode of a Grand Theft Auto game. Here’s hoping that Vigilante Missions can return to GTA 6 in some capacity because of how exciting they can be. 

Takeaway – Immense Expectations Surround GTA 6 

And that’s just us, though, and I know that a lot of other people have even grander expectations from the next iteration in the legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise, outside of being able to go into more buildings spontaneously, without the whole thing feeling like a script, such as being able to refuel your car and actually running low on gas (which although seems more like a hassle to me). 

Let us know in the comments section ahead what your expectations are from GTA 6. In the meantime, Rockstar cannot release the next trailer for the game soon enough, considering how the first one has just left us begging for more. 

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