Rockstar Announcing GTA 6’s Trailer Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Tweet Of All Time

The Rockstar effect is making other devs copy the whole GTA format for their own announcements.

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  • Rockstar Games uploaded a tweet in recent times, confirming GTA 6’s upcoming reveal.
  • The game’s “first trailer” will be shown off on December 5, after years of anticipation.
  • The post on X announcing the reveal has become the all-time most-liked tweet out there.  

Well, that didn’t take too long. Rockstar’s recent post on X on the announcement of GTA 6’s upcoming reveal trailer has become the most-liked gaming tweet of all time, accumulating about 1.9 million likes and 148 million views at the time of writing. These are colossal figures, especially for something that merely makes the release date of GTA 6’s trailer known, rather than giving away anything else. 

Surprisingly enough, the rest of the tweets on the top 5 list belong mostly to Rockstar as well (thanks Okami13_). Back in November when the industry giant announced that the first-ever GTA 6 trailer would arrive in “early December,” the post managed to acquire enormous traction, amassing over 184 million views, but falling just short in the likes department with 1.6 million likes.  

To say that there’s anticipation for GTA 6 would be an incredible understatement, because numbers don’t lie, and for Rockstar’s next iteration in the long-running Grand Theft Auto franchise, the numbers are looking too huge. It’s easy to spectate that this record in some manner is going to be shattered again when the trailer for the open-world sandbox title drops, following years and years of expectations. 

As such, a deluge of other developers have joined in on the fun, but I’m not sure whether they’re paying their respects to the grand entry of the new GTA game or they’re just having a field day. In any case, multiple companies have replicated the Rockstar theme, including Fall Guys, Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and others. 

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On a side note, GTA 6 has suffered some pretty believable gameplay leaks in recent times, with many having reason to believe that the under-the-cover footage comes from the son of a Rockstar developer himself. How crazy, right? But, wait. That’s not the whole story. Further developments have taken place since the leaks went live, and it’s now being said that the Rockstar rep might not be involved after all

YouTube video

Anyhow, it’s still fairly crazy and disappointing at the same time that such an incident would take place so close to the actual reveal. Of course, the recent leaks are still nothing compared to the early GTA 6 leaks from September 2022, brought about by a 17-year-old who became Rockstar’s nightmare at the time. That stuff swung everything else out of the window, unveiling the game’s protagonist choices, the city, and a lot more just like that. 

GTA 6 was first formally announced on February 4, 2022, and there’s no concrete release date for the game at the moment. However, we’re hoping that the upcoming first look at the title on December 5 at 9 a.m. ET could change that notion but don’t hold your breath. For reference, GTA 5, the previous game in the franchise, came out on September 17, 2013—a whopping 10 years ago.

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