Free-To-Play Arena Breakout Infinite Is Putting Tarkov To Shame

Tired of feeling unheard? Arena Breakout Infinite offers a community that listens.

Story Highlights

  • Escape From Tarkov’s questionable “Unheard Edition” left players scrambling for the exits.
  • Battlestate Games, calls Arena Breakout Infinite a “blatant plagiarist game.”
  • Arena Breakout Infinite offers fresh air focusing on action and a thriving community.

Let me be blunt. Escape From Tarkov’s recent updates have left me quite startled in my enjoyment of the game. The “Unheard Edition” announcement feels like a greedy tactic to squeeze more money out of players, locking the new PvE mode behind a paywall while simultaneously breaking promises made to players who bought the “Edge of Darkness” edition.

To add insult to injury, the whole “plagiarism” accusation pointed at Arena Breakout Infinite is just plain insecurity and a last-ditch effort to divert attention away from their own growing problems as a lot of major Escape From Tarkov content creators are shifting to Arena Breakout Infinite.

Arena Breakout Infinite
Gear Up, Lock In, and Dominate the Arena | Source: Morefun Studios

Plagiarism Or Publicity Stunt?

The original Arena Breakout launched on mobile platforms as a handheld alternative to Escape From Tarkov. Now, Arena Breakout Infinite sets its sights on dominating the PC market. MoreFun Studios is bringing the heat with Arena Breakout Infinite, a free-to-play tactical shooter coming to Steam later this year. This PC debut aims to be the definitive version of their popular mobile title.

The accusation itself was a reply to Arena Breakout Infinite’s post on X (formerly Twitter) quoting, “With a big wave goodbye to #Tarkov today, we’re here to welcome you to #Kamona. Battlestate Games pointed the finger at Arena Breakout Infinite, calling it a blatant plagiarist game. It seems like a desperate attempt by Battlestate Games to deflect attention from issues circulating Escape From Tarkov.

Readers added context to this post that I found quite valuable. It’s important to understand the legal landscape surrounding video games. Games within the same genre can share core concepts like looting and escaping a hostile environment without infringing on a copyright.

In this case, Battlestate Games would need to prove that Arena Breakout Infinite directly copied specific assets, mechanics, or creative elements unique to Escape From Tarkov. Simply being similar isn’t enough to be accused of plagiarism.

Slow And Steady Vs. Adrenaline Rush

Escape From Tarkov boasts of being one of the most brutal games with realism. You spend most of your time creeping around corners, searching everywhere for loot. While some may enjoy this slow and steady approach, I believe it drags the gameplay down. Matches feel like an eternity, especially when you get caught out in the open and become an easy target for geared-up players.

YouTube video

Arena Breakout Infinite understands the value of pacing. It puts you right into the thick of it all, requiring quick reactions and thinking on your feet to survive. Tense gunfights and swift movement make it more action-focused and fun to play. This makes each encounter feel engaging, alternating between an aggressive approach and strategic risk-taking. You never know what is around the corner, which keeps you on the edge.

Innovation Makes It Awesome

Speaking of awesome, Arena Breakout Infinite isn’t afraid to do its own thing. Unlike Escape from Tarkov (which seems to be stuck in a loop), it introduces new elements to keep things interesting. Dynamic maps, destructible environments, and changing weather will make Arena Breakout Infinite way more engaging.

Plus, the diverse character customization options and unlockable weapon attachments and modifications allow for a more personalized gameplay experience. You’re not limited to pre-defined kits – you can truly tailor your loadout to fit your playstyle.

Prefer a stealthy approach, using silenced pistols and night-vision goggles? Go for it. Maybe you’re a run-and-gun type of player, wielding a high-capacity assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment. This game lets you create the perfect soldier for your preferred tactics.

YouTube video

Building A Community That Cares

Let’s not forget the power of a good community. Tarkov’s recent controversies have left its player base feeling disgruntled and unheard. The developers seem more interested in monetization strategies rather than addressing player concerns.

Arena Breakout Infinite, on the other hand, fosters a welcoming and supportive environment. The developers actively engage with players on social media, addressing concerns promptly and taking feedback seriously. They even take the time to participate in community streams and discussions, showing a genuine interest in creating a positive and collaborative environment

This open communication creates a sense of trust and a community where players genuinely enjoy spending time together.

Escape From Tarkov is going downhill, with the developers seemingly unaware of player frustration. Whereas, Arena Breakout Infinite feels like a breath of fresh air. It respects your time, rewards your skills, and welcomes you into a thriving community. So, are you ready to escape the mediocrity (of Tarkov) and step into the Arena? Buckle up, because Arena Breakout Infinite is about to take you on a wild ride!

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