The Entire Planet’s Onboard, Yet Sony Isn’t Porting Bloodborne, What’s The Ploy?

Is it an "I don't care for it," or a "my goals are beyond your understanding?"

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  • Miyazaki and FromSoftware have discreetly spoken up. They’re all eager to see Bloodborne again.
  • Despite every soul on the planet in agreement, Sony still hasn’t done anything to make it happen.
  • Sony either has total disregard for it or is planning something big and doesn’t want to let it go just yet.

Bloodborne on PC — It’s a phrase you’ve heard countless times, yet we’re no closer to it now than we were a few years ago. Is it coming, or is it not? Nobody knows for certain, but they sure do have their theories about its mysterious non-existence.

All I know is after tanks upon tanks of hopium, I don’t know how much more I can take. Every time a new possibility or a rumor arrives, my heart skips a beat, only for it to be mercilessly disappointed. Still, the sliver of possibility that “this time might be for real” prevents me from breaking down. Let’s see what the latest (hopeless) scenario is.

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Miyazaki And Co. Are On Board

There were two major players in this Bloodborne game, FromSoftware and Sony. Since there was radio silence from both sides, I didn’t even know who to blame for this cruel apathy. Was it the legendary developer I hold in high regard, or the corporation more than willing to share its creations with the PC users yet somehow not Bloodborne? The dilemma was killing me.

Honestly, what is Sony’s reason for not making a Bloodborne port already?
byu/GWUN- inBloodbornePC

However, FromSoftware finally broke the vow of silence, albeit very discreetly. But that roundabout way was enough to deliver the message. The Bloodborne IP is Sony’s property, not FromSoftware. Even if the developer wanted to do something, it couldn’t. This implied it “did want to do something,” but the mega corporation’s strict chains bound its hands.

If you think I’m overreaching here after going insane by all the theory-crafting, you probably would’ve been right, had it not been for the shocking interview that proved I’m not crazy. PC Gamer’s interview with Miyazaki and members of the FromSoftware team revealed that everyone, including Miyazaki himself was willing to see Bloodborne PC. They want this gem to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Bloodborne, my beloved | Source: eXputer
Bloodborne, my beloved | Source: eXputer

It’s Speculation Time

This confirmatory revelation in turn raises more questions than answers. For starters, why, Sony? Do you have some sort of vendetta against Bloodborne? 

Help me understand, you know just how astronomically crazy the demand and popularity of Bloodborne are. Literally every other person has “where Bloodborne PC?” on their mind. So, I’d like to think the odds of this project failing financially are slimmer than people not buying a new Call of Duty.

Besides, Sony has greenlit projects far less popular and successful than Bloodborne. Then tell me, why on earth is there no Bloodborne!? I’m going crazy over here.

Well, since Sony refuses to comment, I think it’s about time I bring out the old detective cap and start speculating myself. The first logical point is how restrictive and a bundled mess the Bloodborne code was. It’s so hard to work with and modify that any change would require doing everything from the ground up. Not that it won’t make 100 times more than the cost, but the fact remains that it’s too much trouble.

Before thinking about porting it to PC, it needs to be rebuilt without all its restrictive features. Since Sony hasn’t delivered even a 60 fps patch, it goes to show how working with it is no walk in the park. However, I’m no coding expert but even I know that it’s hard, sure, but not impossible. It can be done, and trust me it will be 100% worth the trouble.

Does anyone know WHY the game won’t get a 60 fps patch?
byu/drowning_bird_88 inbloodborne

Then, why hasn’t Sony at least made an effort so far? There’s one other possibility.

Sony Doesn’t Want To Let Bloodborne Go

The second possibility is that instead of not caring about it at all, Sony cares about Bloodborne a little too much. So much that it can let God of War go to the PC players but not Bloodborne. As unlikely as you might think it is, Sony hasn’t given me reason enough to believe it’s false.

Let’s look at some of the reasons I have to support this crazy theory. First, we know for a fact that Sony has ample interest in FromSoftware and its creations. It has said so on multiple occasions, and besides, why else would it purchase 14% shares in the company? How it revived Demon’s Souls from the dead reinforces this.

Be honest, did you even know about Demon’s Souls? When Sony brought back the series’ least popular title with mindblowing visuals, everyone was suddenly a lifelong Demon’s Souls fan. All I want to say is that you wouldn’t spend massive funding on a game no one knew about if you weren’t confident that the series is so big a deal these days that the game will sell great just by being associated with it, or you liked the IP enough to do so regardless.

Demon's Souls PS5 came out of nowhere | Source: IMDB
Demon’s Souls PS5 came out of nowhere | Source: IMDB

Now, imagine the potential of a game that is so well known that it wouldn’t even need marketing to sell a gazillion copies. I think Sony knows it just as well as you do, and is saving Bloodborne as a massive ace in the hole. Every passing day raises the game’s popularity to unforeseen heights, which is more delicious profit for Sony. Why give it away to PC when it can singlehandedly make a PlayStation the best-selling console?

I smell an underlying money-making scheme here. As you know Demon’s Souls was released as a launch title for the PlayStation 5, and even after all these years, it’s still not on PC. Logic dictates that Sony indeed has big plans for Bloodborne, but with a little bit of a hidden agenda as well. What if a Bloodborne project is secretly in plans to blow the PS6 way out of proportion?

Where is Demon’s Souls Remake for PC?
byu/HeyPablo2 infromsoftware

Sony having some nefariously cunning plans for Bloodborne makes sense in light of years of “no comments”, and how recently it took action against Bloodborne Kart and forced it to rebrand. If it had no interest in the game and its potential worth, going after a creative fan project holds no meaning. Or, Sony wants me to keep believing that while it holds up a facade? I honestly don’t know.

Nightmare Kart — fan-creativity at its peak | Source: Steam
Nightmare Kart — fan-creativity at its peak | Source: Steam

Sony Needs To Come Clean About Bloodborne

If Sony still cares for Bloodborne, why hasn’t it received a PS5 upgrade or a 60 fps patch yet? An argument can be made that Sony plans to go all out with a huge, surprising blast when it launches a proper recreation for the PlayStation 6. Whatever the reasons may be, continued silence will not bode well in the long run.

In light of recent news about another PC port.
byu/wera125 inbloodborne

After reading all that, you must be wondering “Wow, Bloodborne PC really got to this guy.” You don’t know the half of it. I love the game to death, but Sony’s indifference is soul-crushing. Whether it’s a PC port, or Sony wanting to keep the game to itself for a little longer, I just want an answer. With FromSoftware having spoken up, it’s Sony’s turn next.

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