Ubisoft Should Revive The Rainbow Six Siege We’re All Longing For

Second chances and revisiting decisions for future success.

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  • Night maps with improved lighting could offer a unique tactical experience again.
  • Bringing back other game modes to ranked would provide variety.
  • Balancing competitive integrity with fun could recapture Siege’s magic.

Rainbow Six Siege. It used to be my go-to game. Every firefight was tense but equally fun until Ubisoft made the unnecessary changes. Night maps? Gone. Ranked mode? It’s become a constant grind. Where’s the variety, the mind games, the sheer fun?

Ubisoft was obsessed with turning Siege’s mechanics upside down with every update. Even though the Year-9 update brought back a few old features and fixed major issues with the game, Ubisoft still has a long way to go to make Siege great again.  This is a request to Ubisoft to recapture the nostalgic feel of Siege’s early days and make it fun again.

Night Time = Night Terrors: Bring ‘Em Back Ubisoft

An aspect that is no longer found in the game is Night maps. The same maps, but at night-time, gave some unique tactical experience and a whole new look to the map. Although I do agree it was difficult for Attackers to navigate outside the objective, it was mostly achieved by utilizing drones and team callouts to identify possible spawn-peeks.

Rainbow Six Siege
Kafe Dostoyevsky Night Mode | Source: Ubisoft

Defenders, on the other hand, could use shadows to create flanks and surprise attacks. This created constant tension and forced players to adapt to the darkness (and scream “I’m Batman”). The return of night maps is something every Rainbow Six Siege player dreams about before going to bed.

Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Needs More Than Just Bomb

Right now, Ranked mode is all about defusing bombs, which feels a bit repetitive (especially when I play Siege for 8 hours a day). I believe it would be more diverse with Hostage and Secure Area returning to the Ranked playlist. Hostage mode turned the game into a tense bodyguard mission, while the secure area was all about controlling the key zone.

These modes were perfect for players who loved the mind games and the different tactics involved. Bringing them back to ranked wouldn’t just add variety, it would make ranked more interesting for a wider range of players.

YouTube video

Make Rainbow Six Siege Fun Again, Not Just Pro League Wannabes

It feels like Siege is trying too hard to be like the pro league. Focusing so much on copying the pros makes the game less fun overall. Ubisoft needs to rethink its approach and find a balance between competitive and just plain fun Don’t get me wrong, competition is important. But so is having fun.

Balancing operators should also consider both casual and competitive play to ensure a healthy middle ground. Adjustments shouldn’t turn away casual players who enjoy a particular character. Perhaps certain operator abilities could have slight variations for ranked play while maintaining their core functionality in casual modes. This way, everyone can enjoy their favorite operators without feeling left behind.

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By focusing on variety, balanced operators, and accessible learning tools, Ubisoft can find the sweet spot between competitive integrity and lighthearted enjoyment. Let’s ditch the Pro League playbook and make Siege fun again!

Ranked 1.0 And Skill-Based Matchmaking

While Ranked 1.0 isn’t the sole focus of this article, it’s worth mentioning. In my opinion, Ranked 1.0’s matchmaking system and MMR restrictions for playing with lower-ranked friends were better. Ubisoft changed it to Ranked 2.0 which has unbalanced skill-based matchmaking and the new ranks just get you into more uneven lobbies.

Ranked feels like a solo-carry fest at most times especially if you’re queuing solo, and a return to a system that prioritizes teamwork would be a welcome change. It could help to shift the focus back on teamwork and make Ranked a more collaborative experience.

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Ubisoft’s Art Of The Grenade Cooking

Grenade cooking was removed from Rainbow Six Siege due to balancing issues. While a lot of people argue this change was for the better (I don’t), removing grenade cooking took away a layer of skill and replaced it with less exciting throws. Sure, balancing issues existed, but there might be a way to bring this back without the potential for cheap kills.

Alright. Who asked the devs to get rid of cooking frag grenades??? [RANT]
byu/gamerguy287 inRainbow6

Imagine This: A well-cooked grenade thrown from below an objective floor still explodes on impact, but instead of killing the defender, it only deals around 50 HP. Attackers can still use them to clear fortified positions or flush out defenders hiding behind cover. But at least no more insta-kills from below.

Rainbow Six Siege has the potential to be an amazing tactical shooter for all kinds of players. By implementing some of the changes outlined above, Ubisoft can reignite the spark that captivated us all in the first place. Let’s hope Ubisoft listens to the community and brings back the Siege we all fell in love with.

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