Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Update Is The Shot In The Arm This Game Needed

New operators, reworks, and more breathe new life into Ubisoft's tactical FPS.

Story Highlights

  • Ubisoft made significant changes to the game with the Year-9 Season 1 update.
  • The Year-9 Roadmap reveal looks more promising than ever.
  • Rainbow Six Siege reaches the highest peak of players of all time.

Let’s be real, Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t exactly sparking joy for a while there. Don’t get me wrong, the core gameplay – the heart-pounding tension of outsmarting your opponent – that’s what hooked me from day one. But with each season, the meta felt like it was evolving backward and the number of cheaters made the game impossible to play.

Then bam! Operation Deadly Omen hits the scene, and let me tell you, it’s like Finka hit me with an adrenaline boost. This update isn’t just good, it’s a complete game-changer. Here’s why I, a Siege veteran (admit it, you are too) am hooked again.

Forget Siege 2, folks! The Director says constant updates are the way to go, keeping Siege fresh and avoiding the sequel curse that can hit games hard.

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Deimos Dominates: Tracking Enemies And Rewarding Smart Play

The arrival of Deimos, the newest attacker in Year 9, fundamentally alters how players approach the game. His DeathMARK gadget acts like a permanent intel-gathering drone, revealing the location of marked enemies through walls. This forces defenders to be far more cautious about roaming and strategically placing their gadgets. Deimos’ presence in the attacker’s arsenal adds a layer of tactical depth that Siege desperately needs.

Deimos. This villainous Operator? Pure. Game. Changer | Source: Ubisoft

But Deimos isn’t just about intel gathering. His DeathMARK can also be used to deny revives, making those clutch plays all the more tense. Imagine downing a defender on the objective, only to have Deimos instantly mark them, preventing their teammate from reviving them and potentially turning the tide of the round. Deimos is a game-changer, and I can’t wait to see how the meta evolves as players learn to master their unique abilities.

ACOG’s Back, Baby! Plus New Grips, And A Focus On Strategic Gunplay

Year 9 brings a long-awaited change for many players: the return of ACOG sights on select legacy Operators. This nostalgic addition is a welcome sight for veterans like myself who spent countless hours mastering the game. But the update goes beyond simple nostalgia. A complete rework of sights offers improved clarity across the board, making aiming and engaging enemies a smoother experience.

Gone are the days of squinting through pixelated scopes, trying to discern a blurry enemy head from the background clutter. Now, every pixel counts, and precise aiming is rewarded.

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Additionally, the introduction of new grips with unique functionalities adds another layer of customization. Want to shave off those precious milliseconds from your reload time? There’s a grip for that. Need tighter hip-fire accuracy for those close-quarter encounters? Boom, another grip at your service. It’s a small detail, but one that shows Ubisoft is paying attention to the nuances of gameplay and giving players more control over how they want to approach each match.

Rainbow Six Siege Reaches The Highest Peak Of Players Of All Time 

Let’s talk numbers, because the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Since the launch of Year 9, Rainbow Six Siege has experienced a surge in popularity unlike anything it’s seen before. The game recently reached an all-time peak of concurrent players on Steam, a clear indicator that Ubisoft’s efforts are paying off. Siege’s resurgence is thanks to new content, veteran players returning, and passionate streamers fueling the thriving community.

But what’s even more impressive is the influx of new players joining the fray. Year 9 has breathed new life into Siege, making it feel fresh and exciting even for those who haven’t touched the game in years. The combination of tactical depth, strategic gunplay, and a constantly evolving meta keeps Siege endlessly engaging, ensuring there’s always something new to learn and master.

Rainbow Six Siege reaches the highest peak of players of all time
Rainbow Six Siege is living good days | Source: Steam Charts

Jynxzi’s Stream Magic: Reigniting The Siege Flame

Let’s talk about another major factor in Siege’s revival: the lively passion of streamers like Jynxzi. This Twitch powerhouse has been a beacon of positivity and top-tier Siege gameplay for years. His streams are a masterclass in strategy, teamwork, and clutch plays, all delivered with an infectious personality that keeps viewers glued to their screens.

Jynxzi’s impact goes beyond just entertaining viewers. He’s a vocal advocate for the Siege community, raising awareness of issues and celebrating the game’s unique charm. His genuine love for Siege is contagious, and it’s clear that he inspires both new and returning players to jump back into the fray. Whether you’re a seasoned Siege veteran or a curious newcomer, Jynxzi’s streams offer a welcoming and entertaining way to experience the game.

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Ubisoft Promises Even More With Year-9 Roadmap: Marketplace, Crossplay, And A Focus On Balance

R6 Y9 Roadmap
byu/toasterontheceiling inRainbow6

The excitement doesn’t stop with the initial Year-9 update. The roadmap Ubisoft revealed paints a bright future for Siege. The upcoming addition of a Marketplace offers players a legitimate way to acquire desired operator skins, eliminating the frustration of relying solely on random drops from Alpha Packs.

The cherry on top? The potential addition of crossplay between PC and console players in Season 4. This could significantly expand the player base and foster a more vibrant Siege community. Imagine teaming up with your friends on different platforms, strategizing together, and taking down objectives as a unified force.

With the arrival of Year 9, Rainbow Six Siege has recaptured its former glory. New operators, revamped features,  and a clear roadmap for the future ensure that Siege remains a leader in the competitive FPS genre. So put on your headset, brush up on your skills, and get ready to be blown away! Year 9 is here, and Siege is more savage than ever.

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