Cuffbust Has Just The Right Amount Of Foolishness To Be Mad Fun

Prison escape just got a whole lot wackier.

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  • Summer Game Fest showcased Cuffbust, a 20-player prison escape all about doing crazy things.
  • From bizarre actions and senseless madness to creatively working together, the game looks like a blast.
  • Cuffbust is a good example of why games that let your imagination run wild are so fascinating.

Although gaming has become much more sophisticated and close to reality these days, I occasionally miss the times when it was about goofing around in the most ridiculously amusing ways. Games like these though make no sense, they’re an escape from reality to a creative world where just dumb fun exists. Sometimes, that is all you need.

Games like these aren’t completely extinct just yet. From time to time, one such title emerges, and the latest one was showcased at the Summer Game Fest, one called Cuffbust.

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Cuffbust — Nonsensical Fun All Around

Summer Game Fest is an event filled with major announcements, but there is no shortage of indies and short games mixed in. One such game that caught my eye was Cuffbust, and needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise.

Before I begin, I’ll be honest with you. Despite watching the trailer firsthand, I didn’t understand a single thing. It all made no sense, what you’re supposed to do, what you need to accomplish. Yet the game looked loads of fun, and that’s all that matters.

In the showcase, we see some bizarre creatures in a very attractive art style just goofing around, doing the most ridiculous of things in a prison. Running around madly and beating up the guards, picking up soap bars and explosives, fighting in the goofiest of ways, a splash of paint brightening the screen, jumping down toilet pipes, and navigating the sewers, that’s the kind of stuff you can expect and much more.

Cuffbust's bizarreness is part of its charm | Source: Two Star (YouTube)
Cuffbust’s bizarreness is part of its charm | Source: Two Star (YouTube)

Towards the end, you see one group shooting down the helicopter of another, and then all of them just chilling together, enjoying a smoke. It was a chaotic, bizarre, and peculiar but fun showcase from the start to the end

Putting aside the obvious dumb fun aspect of Cuffbust, it’s a first-person, multiplayer game with 20 players working towards escaping a prison. There are multiple, creative ways to do so, and it’s up to you and your friends to find the most hilarious solution. A cooperative prison escape adventure that looks extremely fun? Sign me up.

The Importance Of Creative Freedom

Looking at Cuffbust made me realize just how much I crave creatively hilarious games like these. If you ask me, a game world is a fantasy setting that you enter to have as much fun as possible. It doesn’t necessarily need to be extra realistic. If games become so scripted and monotonous that you see through them the moment you step inside, what purpose remains to seek an escape from real life?

Video games do not need to look and feel like real life
byu/Thuctran1706 inunpopularopinion

Thus, the freedom of being able to do whatever ridiculous thing comes to your mind goes a long way in creating a fun experience. I’ll always appreciate a game that lets my imagination run wild and do the kind of bizarre things I can’t do normally. The stuff that brings out the kid in all of us is the highest level of consideration and care for the consumer.

Imagine how fun this will be, playing with friends | Source: Two Star (YouTube)
Imagine how fun this will be, playing with friends | Source: Two Star (YouTube)

This is true for any game regardless of the genre. Just look at Tears of the Kingdom. It’s an established series with a logical storyline and gameplay mechanics. Yet by adding the Ultrahand mechanic, it enabled the kind of creative freedom you rarely see these days. People spent more time crafting the most majestic and downright hilarious contraptions than they did playing the game normally. I’m guilty of doing the same.

I’m having so much fun with ultrahand
byu/apsisart intearsofthekingdom

Picking up any random thing and putting them together like a kid crafting a practical joke was more fun for me than progressing in the game. Features like these make sure you always have a laugh and come out fulfilled after playing.

Thus, I have high anticipations for Cuffbust. Here’s hoping it’s as creative and bizarrely hilarious as it looks like.

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