Fortnite’s Latest Season Might Be The Most Fun One I’ve Had In Ages

The new update might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's extremely chaotic and fun.

Story Highlights

  • Fortnite’s latest season has completely overhauled the game yet again.
  • Called Wrecked, it’s as if Mad Max was ported over to the battle royale game.
  • Epic’s willingness to take risks is a big reason why Fortnite has done so well over the years.

Epic has been really consistent with its Fortnite updates. But there’s no denying that the last few haven’t been able to capture the same spark that the game once had. Part of this is because the game has been having a hard time making seasonal updates feel different and unique. With five chapters worth of seasons, it’s not surprising why Epic is struggling to come up with fresh ideas. 

However, despite this, the game’s most recent update, Chapter 5 Season 3, might be the best one we’ve gotten yet. Called Wrecked, this pretty much entirely reimagines the battle royale game in a way that just hasn’t been done before. And while this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for anyone who’s been craving something new from Epic’s titanic title, it not only feels fresh but is also just downright fun. Here’s why.

About the Author: Danish Bukhari has played Fortnite since its Battle Royale mode came out back in 2017. With 600+ hours played, he’s well-versed in the strategies and tactics involved in the shooter. 

Going All Out With The Theme

Simply put, with this season’s theme, Epic asked itself: What if Fortnite was basically set in Mad Max? The devs have seemingly taken that idea to its extreme because they’ve added everything from massive sand dunes to epic machinery. Will everything be balanced? Probably not. But there’s no denying it’s a whole lot of fun seeing things get blown up as you attach machine guns, grenade launchers, and other attachments to your vehicles.

Vehicle Combat Takes Center Stage In Fortnite Wrecked (via Epic Games).
Vehicle Combat Takes Center Stage In Fortnite Wrecked (via Scott Homer).

Vehicles have been around for a long time in Fortnite. And while they’ve certainly caused havoc before, like the unfortunate Airplane Incident from Chapter 1, they’ve never been the central focus quite like in this season. Instead of just having boss weapons, there are now boss vehicles, which can be yours to claim after taking down these bad guys.

Coupled with the fact that managing fuel is a lot easier now, you can spend quite a lot of your time in-game just riding around in vehicles as you battle it out in a head-to-head chase with an opposing car. It’s a destruction derby in the best way possible and really is unlike anything Epic has done with the game before. And it’s obvious why fans are loving it.

Epic Has Upped The Ante Yet Again

I think it’s fair to say people have been waiting for the moment Fortnite finally jumps the shark. A season that proves the game is past its prime and is simply trying to chase former glory. But the fact is that the developers continue to raise the stakes and deliver content that’s unique, fresh, and above all, just a whole lot of fun. Even having received several overhauls so far, this latest update continues to feel like a new take on the game, which is crazy to think about.

Wrecked is a good season and we should be happy Epic is willing to try new ideas.
byu/Ntwadumela817 inFortNiteBR

Especially considering just how many seasons we’ve seen from Fortnite since its BR mode came out in 2017. A big reason why this is the case is simply because Epic doesn’t shy away from experimentation. In a way, even this latest season, Wrecked, was a gamble, since players could’ve outright hated the theme and vehicle combat. But the fact that the company still pushed it out and took a chance with it is why it’s done so well over the years.

Compare it to some other titles like Overwatch 2, which has all but reverted back to its original self in the face of criticism. Instead of trying to make the aspects that made its sequel unique. Epic continues to set the standard for how to handle a live service game, while still making it feel like each update is meaningful and interesting. This only goes to show we’ve got many more years of Fortnite down the line. 

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